Meditating to go Beyond Our Best : Balancing Self, Intimate Relationships & Achievement

Train your mind to increase focus, willpower and joy through meditation. Going Beyond Our Best is an Art.

BEYOND OUR BESTJoin us — people holding busy jobs, parents, teachers, artists, philosophers, meditators, yogis, scientists, CEOs, business leaders, visionaries, diplomats, and homemakers who wish to put their minds on silent mode.

Together we will incite the individual and collective imagination and experience greater joy and efficacity. 

Meditation: Why is it Needed, Why Must we Learn?

Unless we meditate consciously or unconsciously, for the most part we are just repeating the past.  Given the state of the world, those who will breakthrough to new heights are those who will be innovative, flexible and capable of deep concentration.  It is only through inner silence that we can re-invent ourselves and this world. 

“My dream is to see a world with an additional 10, 100 or 1000 people in each country who meditate at high levels and experience a competence in one field of expertise where they go far beyond a previous best. This includes YOU and CEOs, doctors, scientists, artists, engineers, diplomats, homemakers and world leaders.  Such an individual and collective journey may be just enough to transform ourselves and our world.”

Today I would like to accompany a few individuals committed to changing themselves with tested techniques of meditation and one area of competence beyond a previous best. Programs in AYP Meditation, Shodo & Meditation, Yokata (Kids & Adults Learn New Kanji through a Spiritual and Quick Path), Youth & Meditation, Bio-Gourmet Chefs & Meditation, and Scientists & Meditation are being developed to create visionary leaders in a variety of fields.  Join me in a movement for re-inventing ourselves and this world with greater inner silence, competence and joy.

About Nathalie the Director of Beyond Our Best

NathalieTeaching Meditation to Visionaries in Diverse Fields & Now to General Public

Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka [MBA HEC, MALD Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (Administered in co-op Harvard), Amherst College, Keio, Seishin Gakuin.]

Nathalie is the Director of Beyond Our Best a movement she founded after the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear incident in Japan with the philosopher Dr. Paul Briot.   The movement sees crisis as an opportunity to re-invent ourselves silently.

Today Nathalie continues to work with visionary artists and geniuses in a variety of innovative fields.  In Singapore she is starting to accompany individuals committed to changing themselves, their organizations and their fields with tested techniques of meditation and one area of competence beyond a previous best.

As a certified yoga teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) backed by the Yoga Alliance, meditation and life coach Nathalie enjoys tackling issues that matter most to people at their very core.  She offers 2 hour sessions on meditation and work or meditation and marriage.

Should you too wish to experience inner silence and joy or go far beyond a previous best with an intent to serve others, Nathalie would like to accompany you with tested techniques of meditation and work on the area of competence that matters most to you.  See her classes and workshops or contact her at for a private consultation via skype or in person.



Join a movement for changing ourselves and this world with inner silence, competence and joy.

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