How So? Why ME?


​Going Beyond Your Best ​with ​optimal food, water, sleep, cardio, muscle, ​de-tox and cleansing, asanas and grounding in Nature. Bringing the Divine into Your Body.​ Anchoring Yourself in Joy. Optimal Health in minutes a day.  ​Loving You.  Being Here.  This Body.  Now.


​Overcoming Obstacles and Stress, Three Spheres of Happiness, Five Alternatives at the Threshold to Stress,  Balance.  Four Key Steps​​. ​Transformation.  Personality and Recognizing Limits. Mental Body, Self Inquiry ​to go Beyond the Mind. Being ​Whole.  Liberation.


​Understanding the Emotional Body, & Fundamental Needs. Why we ​React.  How to Liberate emotions that hold ​us back from the Life ​we ​Dare ​Imagine. Knowing Where Emotions are Stored.  Immediate Release, Express,  Let Go. Health. Freedom. True Independence.


​Focusing & Understanding Energy that you Never Knew Existed. Using the Etherical Body to make optimal decisions daily.  Simplicity, Joyfullness, Kids Play, Humility, Universal Service. Effectiveness at ​a Higher Level. Living ​Life as Adventure. Knowing You, the Universe  ​& Then Some. (Teacher Permission Required.)


​Introducing different paths to the spirit and experiencing the divine that include the way of the heart (through the spiritual heart), action (clarity without attachment) and the deepest self-knowledge (knowing everything about yourself).  You pick your Path.  Daily Action and Presence ​Required.  A 24 Hour Journey.  Humility.


​The Art of Aligning body, energy, emotion, mind and spirit.  What I wish I had ​understood years ago. What I dare to discover only now. Bringing it all Together with Simplicity, Joy, Humility and Transparence.  Falling.  Rising. Flowing with Life.  Being Your Own Teacher while learning from the Best.  ​Enjoying ​on ​the Go.

​Nathalie L. Ishizuka

​Director of Beyond Our Best

​My mission is to see a world with 1, 10 or 100 or more people who love themselves unconditionally (and hence can love the world in its entirety), meditate at high levels (inner clarity) and experience a joyful competence in one field of expertise where they go beyond a previous best (inspired action).

Once again --  unconditional love, inner clarity and inspired action.

Such an individual and collective vision may be just enough

to ​transform ourselves and our world. ​

Coaching Simplicity, Joy, Humility & Transparance of Spirit

This is an advanced course and is on invitation only.  It involves Bio-Energy, Overcoming Blockages, Becoming Fully Present by using our Energy in Entirely New ways to heal ourselves and our World.  It is an introduction only course to get you curious about your full capabilities.  Having completed some of the other courses you can make a request for this course when ready.  Like everything in life, timing is EVERYTHING. 

Coaching Psychology to Go Beyond Your Best

Are you stressed? Pulled in too many directions?  Able to balance self, intimate relationships and achievements enough to experience joy everyday? Nathalie who has trained for over 25 years in LifeTrack in optimal success, health, intimate relationships and well-being lives life differently. Taught by a Harvard-Keio Japanese psychiatrist who was enticed by Zen and going beyond illness and symptom relief, she now teaches insights from the method educationally to all so they may not need transformational therapy.  Or if ever they do, they will know where to begin and have a tremendous head and heart start.

Coaching Yoga Meditations: a Clear State for Effective Being

Why Meditate?  Most people have tried meditation unsucessfully because no one taught us how to concentrate, how to focus or sit still–  yet alone sit or stand.  How can we teach something we don’t know or practice ourselves?  Meditation is the art of being.  It is for EVERYONE.  But it should not be taught the same way to all.  We will determine which way may best start you off.  And when you are ready to sit, we will give you something to do.  Until Being takes Over.  Raja Yoga Practioner, teaching asanas, pranayama, deep meditation, samyama (for those ready).   Certified Advanced Yoga Practices Instructor, RYT 200 Yoga Alliance.

Coaching Food : a Gourmet with a Higher Vibration

Franc0-Japanese gourmet chef who taught cooking classes at age 12, who thought she knew EVERYTHING about food, who tested even extreme and difficult food programs for people who have cancer on herself such as Gerson Therapy (detox, juices, vegan, plant based, cleansing, distilled water, coffee enemas) for over a year, who cleanses with Ayurveda from the best Indian and Nepalese yogic doctors, who lives in three different cultures and has a family who has different food needs, brings to you a slow but steady journey with food to experience Joy, Mystery, and Awe about All Living things.

Coaching Art Expression for Being and Living Fully Now

Short meditations in the First Meditative Art Gallery in Singapore.  Meditate on a Painting or chose an Artistic expression best fit for you RIGHT now.  Meditate, Paint, Draw, Doodle, Experience the Anchoring of Black Ink and Color to Express Emotions, Desires, Dreams, Pure Joy and focus in the Moment. From drawing stick figures of difficult relationships or deep attachments, to Drawing Meditative Circles with a mantra, to doodling health concerns in the form of a picture, to Cranes Flying, finger painting or shodo to express an asanas or body posture, we draw, doodle and paint to release into the ink the unconscious.  To Liberate our emotions, joy and creativity.  Pure Joy in the Present.  No judgement or result.  Art experience or prior meditation experience is not necessary. 

Coaching Visual Learning for Getting the Full Picture

Meaning in Kanji for Kids & Adults.  Learn to Learn and See What You Think You Know : Grasping Better the Whole Picture aided with Joy, the Poetry of Pictures, Understanding Connections, the Power of Images.  Even if you Don’t Need to Learn the meaning of Japanese or Chinese Characters take this Course to See Differently, Holistically, Learn how to Learn Creatively.  Some use of Mind Maps for Connections, Anki Flash Cards for Recall, Geographical Memory Maps for Spatial Memory, Shodo Ink for the Senses, and most importantly Curiosity for All Things You Think you Know.

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A Coach Aligning Body, Energy, Emotion, Mind and Spirit.  

Working on all levels to go Beyond Your Best.

From National Crisis

To Individual Transformation.

Watch the Video

I sought to create a small movement in Japan searching for a few individuals after the March 11th 2011 tsunami, earthquake and nuclear crisis who wished to use national crisis as a stepping stone to individual fundamental change.  I thought we could change a country.  

I realized I had to change Myself.

I continue that work focusing on inner transformation.  I also assist others to change themselves:  One individual at a time.


​​Experience ​the ​Full You: ​when your body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit align.

Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka 

Artist, meditator ​& Director of Beyond OUr BEst

Director Beyond Our Best, Worked over 30 years on a Psychology of Health and Happiness, Artist, Writer, Individual & Societal Change, Certified Yoga Teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices. Works with Individuals & International Organizations.

M.A.L.D. Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (admin in cooperation with Harvard), M.B.A. HEC, B.A. Amherst College, summa cum laude, Article 9 of Japanese Constitution. Keio University & Seishin Joshi Gakuin exchange.  ​SELF TAUGHT ARTIST.   ​Co-founded movement with 90 year old Belgian Philosopher and Poet, Dr. Paul Briot, who sees crisis as an opportunity to Re-Invent Ourselves and ART as a means to ​Elevate, Inspire and Transform. Works ​across disciplines including with Scientists, Economists (including Nobel Prize), Doctors (over 30 years with ​Dr. Yukio Ishizuka on an Approach to Happiness, Excellence and ​Well-being), CEOs, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs​,  Diplomats ​facilitated with Yukio Ishizuka training ​and talks on excellence and well-being at EU Embassy TokyoBritish Embassy Tokyo, Harvard Club Tokyo​​​​​ and ​taught meditation ​to Ambassadors, Diplomats and their spouses at ​Yoga Studios and privately in Singapore, ​assists Yogis to innovate across disciplines, practices creative brainstorming with scientists, including MIT professor​ and ​ Scientist Sahrawi Chaieb on an application of an alogorithm for Black Holes to Flat Screen Technology, ​creative brainstorming with Architects such as Toyo Ito on projects for Fishermen up north and children's park in Fukushima, ​meditated with ​Shaku-Hatchi Musician Masaki Nakamura to create 6 New Original Songs, ​​wrote and illustrated a fable for Nihon Buyo Master Wakayagi Sensei to create Kizuna Dance in Fukishima Theme Cafe, ​brainstormed with member of Japanese Cabinet with the ​founder of Suicide Prevention in Japan Yukio Saito for societal change, ​​assisted in bringing ​well-being, yoga, ​osteopathy and mental health training to innovate with joy at an Orphanage in Japan, work with Societal Visionaries ​on Fukushima and Crisis Spots ​-- ​those who who can change us from WITHIN. ​ Nathalie ​sought out and worked with artists for 4 years in Japan to work on project of Elevation in Art after crisis, Meditated for over 3 years with the Shodo Master Saiso Shimada 3-4x a week via skype (Tokyo - Singapore - Europe) to create a new art ​resulting in Shimada's works being published in Paul Briot's 2018 edition by Editions Caracteres. Facilitated several Exhibits by ​Shimada at the EU Private Residence in Tokyo, Private Gallery in Paris, a month long exhibit at the Japanese Embassy in Brussels, exhibits in Ginza Tokyo, and upon rendez vous only soon in the first Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Nathalie's own artistic works have been shown in two month long exhibits in New York, In EU Tokyo Residence​, Beijing China and in the Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Works across disciplines to create something entirely new. ​


Experience the Full You: when your body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit align.

​What We Do Best in 1 Hour 30 Minute Private Workshops

Life Basics

​Making Your Day Work ​for You

​The Way of Action

Level I

The way you start your day is the way you ​experience the ​rest of the day...the rest of your life.  Do it right.  Live well.  Learn with an Advanced Yoga Practice Instructor a 5-10 minute Morning Asanas Routine to start your Day as a Meditation to get you ​to experience the vibration of joy.   Practice a simple 20 minute AYP meditation to clear blockages and increase your Energy.  5-10 minute rest period.  Experience each pose.  View Shodo Paintings of Each Asanas to Understand the Energy.  Release.  Refresh.  Explore.  Awaken Invigorated.  Provided with free ample resources to continue this Life Long Path on one's wwn.  Ready for Anything?

Advanced Yoga Practices by Yogani


​The Way of the Heart

Level II

Keep Balanced during Your day by remaining Conscious of your ​Actions.  Learn to Release negative Emotions to Free up ​your Energy and make room for the Positive in your life.  Learn about 3 Different methods of Releasing Negative Energy and pick one right for you.  Learn to then fill that space with the vibration of love and maintain it during the day.  ​​Save energy.  Be more Effective.   Enjoy the ​Present.  Explore balancing your center ​at the heart.  Live from the heart and see your life transform.

​Making Your Sleep Work ​for You

The Way of Knowledge

Level III

​Let go of Your Day.  ​Release.  ​Forgive.  Forget.  Re-invigorate.  Refresh.  ​Heal.  Choose to focus the session on ​learning how to ​Sleep Better at night (regenerative sleep, recreating alpha waves, insomnia, releasing emotions before sleep, physical routines that bring energy away from the head).  The sleep protocol ​reguires ​ 90 days of regular self practice.


Learn to creatively use a night's sleep or a rest period to answer questions, to reset, re-invigorate, to retain information or understand more deeply.  Self Inquiry Using a Night's Rest consists of posing a Question ​before Your Sleep.  Follow a special protocol in the morning to retain information or go deeper into self Inquiry.  Gratitude.  Wake Up with an Unexpected Answer or be open to an answer that will soon arrive.   Awaken Refreshed.   Awaken with greater understanding.  

Overcome Stress & Obstacles

​5 Alternatives at the Threshold of Stress

​​ The Way of Action

Level I

Ready ​to laugh at ​what holds you back?  ​Learn about Buddha and the 8 Inescapable Sources of Suffering.  Discover why what we want most stresses out most and how this influences Action.  Understand how anxiety, anger, physical symptoms, depression and psychosis (parlysis or incoherent and inconsistent thinking, feeling and acting) works to slow you down. Understand the 5 Alternatives at your Threshold.   Breakthrough.

​​Release Emotions ​Recognize Thoughts as they Arise

​​The Way of ​the Heart

Level II

​Focus energy on the heart and let it ​send new messages to the mind.  Go to the Source.  ​Release negative ​emotions and become conscious of negative thoughts ​as they arise so they can no longer ​hurt you.  Release them as a kid does.  ​ Re-vitalize your Energy through the heart center.   ​Let life be your teacher.  Take each event during the day as ​a grand opportunity to practice. ​Be in the Heart.  ​Experience Joy.  ​Bliss.   Your choice: ​bliss or the old you?

​Go to the Source of Blockages & ​Resolve

​​The Way of Knowledge

Level III

​We discuss blockages you feel you have in your life or challenges you feel you have not yet overcome and explore related paintings, paths or meditations to release what is needed most.  This can focus on the body, on the past, on forgiveness of oneself or others, ​self defeating or negative thoughts, releasing emotions, health issues or other concerns. ​​​​ We work on letting go.  ​

Life is Creation

​Create in the Moment

​​The Way of Action

Level I

In this workshop you will get to select an art project and practice being present with whatever arises.  ​Select from using pastels to create a Card to Onself, draw cranes to Visualize and Release ​a new You, ​Let go of negative ties and emotions ​​using simple Stick figures, ​release negative emotions into black ink as a Zen master would or if you are Yoga Teacher paint Energy Flow in Asanas.  No attachments to results.  Be prepared for being a kid again.  We sometimes cut or rip up our paintings and laugh.  No attachments!  

​Experience Your Heart

​​The Way of the Heart

Level II

Our day is made of individual moments and choices, many individual breaths.  In this practice we create a painting using breath ​and circles.  We are not worried about the pattern, the result or mistakes.  ​Through ​this practice we learn to be in the moment sending love to the heart center with each circle​.  To ​embrace ​even perceived mistakes as the art of life itself.  ​​We ​will have an art piece in the making to remind us of ​the joy ​of being in the moment, of letting go.  Our life can be this masterpiece ​when we ​are fully present and aware.  ​

​​Explore All Things

​The way of ​Knowledge

Level III

​Explore the gallery.  See which work speaks to you most.  Know its essence.  You ​may end up choosing a painting or two that ​intrigues you or calls your attention. ​ Each painting has a different path, a different meditation or experience that re-vitalizes your energy.  Some paintings have their own original music created for the painting itself.  ​While life is about removing layers or blockages one at a time until we become transparent and free of illusions, this gallery tour makes the life process ​a lighthearted adventure!  ​Discover the real You.  Experiential knowledge.  Art at its best.

​1 Month​ Private Coaching Program

​4 Weeks of Individual 1 Hour Consultation (one class per week on same day/time)  

$480 Paid at First Lesson



/per ​1 Hour session

  • ​Can focus on one ​Area: Body, Mind, Emotion, Energy, Spirit or Alignment​ OR focus on One Subject for the Month: Food, Art Expression, Meditation, Visual Expression Kanji
  • ​Skype or on-site if art class.
  • ​Private Lesson
  • ​Materials Included if Art Class
  • Priority List for Events, Workshops
​Life is art...
First meditative
art gallery

​The Art of Being Fully Here

​ ​1 Hour Private ​Tour

of Art & Personal Transformation

​(​ LIMITED TIME ONLY at this Price.

 Regular Price is $120)



​​/for first 1 Hour session

  • ​​Tour of Gallery ​to Discover a Meditation and Approach ​Best for You (40 minutes)
  • ​1 Hour Session
  • ​​Either try one Meditation ​OR ​explore a simple Drawing​/Artwork that aids in Self Discovery (15 minutes)

​​​90 Minute Workshops 

​Level I, Level II, Level III

Prices in SGD ​




  • ​Monday-Fridays
  • ​Please Cite ​which Category You are Choosing : Life's Basics, Overcoming Stress & Obstacles or Life is Creation.  Next Cite Which Level: I, II or III and title of the Level when you reserve.  Ideally you want to start with the Basics, but if there is a ​WORKSHOP that calls to you ​most,  START there.
  • Please include full name, date of birth, and ​workshop session (and Level) in requesting your reservation.   You will be asked to fill out a questionaire to better serve you and prepare the session..
  • Will be put on Priority List for When Courses, Events & Workshops are Available.
Private DAY

​5 Hour ​Day One on One 

Private Training (A Day for You!)

​with Nathalie in Singapore


​Prices in SGD


  • ​Monday-Friday except Holidays 
  • Morning  Meditation & Simple 10 Minute Routine
  • Global Session: Align Body, Mind, Emotion, Energy & Spirit
  • ​Focus Session of Choice
  • ​Removing Blockages
  • ​​$100 off Skype 1 Hour Single Consultation or $100 off 1 Full Day Session  ​(Valid​ ​3  months from purchase) 
  • Will be put on Priority List for When Courses, Events & Workshops are Available.

 ​NOT SURE ​where TO BEGIN? 

​​Which Path is Best for You: Visit Our Meditative Gallery to Find Out

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