Meditation Resources for Practices Around the World that have Teachers in Many Countries and that I have Tested and Can Recommend


Yogani, a yogi who preferred to remain anonymous has placed tremendous resources on the net and has groups around the world using them and teaching them.  I have tested some of the AYP practices and they are indeed profound and particularly suited to those who have little time and who may not be open to practices that may be more culturally affiliated.

While these techniques are not new (all yoga has existed for a long time), the sequencing is extremely effective, simply described and suited for our time and for people who work and live “normal lives.”  In 20 or so minutes, twice a day, you can build up an effective practice.  Yogani has also introduced the practices in a manner that they are not bound culturally which makes them particularly effective I believe in countries like Japan and France where Indian or Tibetain culture may seem “foreign” to some.

You can find support groups and teachers for AYP in many countries.  In Japan, the contact is Gaku-san.  You can contact him on the AYP site link as well as find other groups in other countries.

AYP is also doing teacher training now with a talented yogi named Tristan (next 200 hour teacher training course is in Thailand in September 2018 and in February 2019 in Spain) for which the certificate is recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a registered yoga teacher training school.  For people who wish to have a base certificate to teach in yoga studios and wish to go beyond asanas this is very good training.

AYP Site

The Contact Page of AYP in Different Countries including AYP in Japan & Singapore

200 Hour AYP Teacher Training Including Meditation & Pranyama



Effective Yogic Techniques from An Active and Profound Yogi.  Sadhguru has spoken all over the world including Harvard, MIT, UN, World Economic Forum.

For those who do not have an individual teacher, who wish to learn at their own pace or from the comfort of their own home, we recommend the effective techniques of Sadhguru, an Indian yogi.  The best place to begin is his online Isha Kriya or his on-line Inner Engineering Course (download his app).  Sadhguru gives more advanced trainings in countries where there are enough volunteers to assist follow up trainings.  The US, India, Singapore, Malaysia, UK are amongst a few.  Then perhaps to India!

For those with limited time but desiring effective techniques–this is it.  Naturally as this yogi is Indian, in the West one must be open to that which we do not know (not the best trait of the French nor the Japanese according to a Franco-Japanese!).

Sadhguru is a yogi full of joy, he is profound, his technique combines all forms of yoga even if he himself is probably a kriya yogi.   He has talked at the UN, taught the Kennedy brothers, spoken at MIT, Harvard, Yale, trained CEOs and does whatever is needed to bring a small element of spirituality to this world.  You may not understand everything he does (nor do I), but his techniques I have tested.  They work and grow with you.

Download Sadhguru App (itunes Version) or search for the one adopted for your phone.  For simple 5 minute practices select Yoga on the app and press “Yoga Tools” Learn Now. Apps available on isha website.   For those who wish to do a short meditate for 15 minutes do ishakriya meditation on the app.  Do it daily for 90 days or 2x a day for 48 days for maxium benefit without missing a day.  It works…  For those with health issues download the health meditation chit shakti meditation or use the app.


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM there is a Tibetain Buddhism center in Saint Gilles called Kagyu Samye Dzong, located at 33 rue Capouillet who follow the Karmapa line of Buddhism which is in line with the Dalai Lama.  I walked in one weekend to do my first seated 20 and 40 minute meditation with a formidable meditator and Lama named Yeshe who has meditated in seclusion for many years in the forest and also more than once for 49 days in a dark enclosed box (most humans go crazy after a few days).

I later returned once again to the center to learn briefly from and meet his elder brother who was a great lama and doctor, named Akong Rinpoche.   Both brothers started the first Tibetain monestery in Europe in Scotland.  Lama Rinchen Palmo, a French lama at the center also kindly helped me to contact a Zen master as I was leaving for Japan to work with the Japanese.  Ken Holmes and his wife Katia are a formidable team of scholars who I met there and give an 3 year on-line course on Tibetan Buddhism that is impossible to find elsewhere.  I could only complete two due to my desire at the time to put reading aside and focus intensively on on meditation, but recommend it highly.

Brussels Belgium Tibetain Buddhism Center (Kagyu Line)

Tibetain Buddhism 3 Year On-line Course with Ken Holmes

The Kagyu line also have a  monestery in the Catskills, New York which I discovered when a monk I met in the train back from NYC wished to bring me there!  Although a novice myself on Tibetain Buddhism, all the people I met at this center were inspiring.


Christianity has its own set of practices that are meditative in nature and a tradition of silence.  The monastery of the sisters of Bethlehem in the Catskill Mountains (Livingston manor), two and a half hours from New York City,  is home to this silence, to great love and to the joy of solitude.  This is a sacred place and Sr. Amena, the head of the monastery, and the nuns who practice there have a beautiful presence which make each moment spent there sacred.


I had the good fortune of going there once a year for the last few years and staying in a wood cabin for a few days of silence in the forest.  It was divine and the small chapel with the chants of the sisters early in the morning lift one’s prayers and meditation.  See if you can book a place Livingston Manor for a silent retreat, contribute for your stay a donation to the sisters (as they live on what they earn with their art) and return re-invigorated.  Each sister here is special, each one wants to remain nameless.   Each one feels like my sister.  Each one has prayed for our family countless times.

Silence is rare these days.  And yet, Jesus went into the desert to meditate.  There is in Christianity a tradition handed down by mystics and later by the Carmelite tradition exemplified by Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Therese of Lisieux and Thomas Merton amongst others for silence.  One of the techniques used, centering prayer, is much like the techniques I have found in the other traditions above.  It is contemplative prayer and it has been renewed with Father Thomas Keating’s work at St. Benedict’s Monastery.


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