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Can You Put Your Mind on “Silent Mode?”

Today inner silence is hard to come by and most people attempt to gain just a few seconds after doing intensive two hour physical workouts such as a martial art.  Others try to find it by going on vacation.  Others never quite find it.

Most people know how to turn off their mobile or put in on silent moden (even this is becoming hard for some), but many of us have not read the user manuel for our own “minds.”  We have no idea how to put our minds on “silent mode.”

The meditative techniques taught make inner silence and joy accessible as you become a well seasoned practioner.  This may take years or make come more rapidly depending on your current level, commitment and consistent practice.

For many, some inner silence comes surprisingly rapidly after only a few weeks of consistent daily practice, even for very short durations of time.  In fact, we challenge you to begin with 2 minutes twice a day!

Invest Time in You : You Can Change Your World and Then Some

Inner Silence is priceless —  in terms of an investment in yourself and in the joy and esctasy that this inner silence brings for you and all those who are fortunate to cross your path.  I am certain that nothing else you can do will bring you the value you invest in meditation.

Some people including leaders of organizations or people with world responsibilities may feel they simply don’t have the time to meditate.  But we even have a 2 minute meditaiton challenge for you.  Who doesn’t have 2 minutes?

The more important you are, the more important it is you meditate.

Meditation is an Experience Not a Technique

Meditation can not be taught, but shared.  We share “meditative” time and will go through practices together to make meditation far easier.   The important thing is regular and consistent practice and the packages are structured with that aim in mind.

Support Us and Meditation for Visionaries; Donate or Just Meditate

For over 7 years Nathalie has been working full time as the Director of Beyond Our Best, as a full time volunteer for many including visionaries in Japan who create and meditate to help lift the country after the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear crisis.  She continues to work with Japan and some visionaries as a volunteer.

Nathalie is only now just starting to work with the general public, making some of the same programs for visionaries in their field available to you.  Nathalie also works to support yoga studios in Singapore who are introducing meditation and not just yoga asanas.  Please support us in a more integrated and effective approach to yoga that will empower individuals to reap the full benefits of yoga ; the much needed inner silence and joy that makes life an unbelievable adventure.

Your contributions help Nathalie to pay costs and keep programs going in Japan with visionaries in their field who meditate and help many.  We appreaciate your meditaitons and financially helping us cover costs as well as transforming your life and those you care deeply about.


We hope too one day you may share meditation with others around you or pass it on to your children, your friends, your loved ones or colleagues at work.  Together we can change ourselves and in so doing, change this world.


YOGA IN SYNC, INDIVIDUAL DROP-IN, $30 SGD, FRIDAY September 13th at 13.00pm.  Please arrive 12.45pm.

Next Class at Yoga in Sync Friday 21st September at 13.00pm. 45 minute class.

Nathalie will be away for one month of meditation practice.  Classes resume:

Next Class at Yoga in Sync Friday 26th October at 13.00pm. 45 minute class.

SPACE2B, INDIVIDUAL DROP-IN, $38 SGD, THURSDAY November 1st at 12.30pm

Next Class at Space2B, Thursday November 8th at 12.30pm

Next Class at Space2B, Thursday November 15th at 12.30pm

Next Class at Space2B, Thursday November 22nd at 12.30pm


MEDITATION WORKSHOPS 90 Min, $80 SGD a person (4 people minimum).  You create your own group or let us know you are interested in joining others for the next available workshop.  Contact us.  This helps more people learn meditation in a supported atmosphere where you and your friends can experience something life changing.

MEDITATION + CORE COMPETENCE GROUP, 2 Hours Workshop, $100 SGD for each individual.  You devise your workshop from page on Core Competence and your group.  You provide the locationAdditional costs if location needed.By organizing your own workshop, you bring the people you care together and will have a good support group to advance together.

MEDITATION + HEALTHY FOOD WORKSHOPS 2 HOURS, $120 SGD a person  (4 people minimum).  Meditation by itself will make you want to eat differently, without imposing any external dietary restrictions.  Your body will simply tell you what to eat.  For those, however who want to accelerate the learning process due to health concerns or a wish for a healthier diet that helps them have more energy, Nathalie has developed this option.


PRIVATE LESSONS (upon availability, precedence to groups)

WHICH MEDITATION?  $150 US or $200 SGD.    Individual 1 Hour Private Session.  Is there a meditative practice right for you?  Most of us including most yoga teachers you will find in yoga studios fear meditation.  Before you get started, you need to find a meditative practice that is in line with you.  In this session we talk about your fears about meditation, doubts, experiences, and expectations as well as the time you are willing to commit.  We will also explore whether you want to apply meditation to a core competence.  We will conclude together a realistic individualized plan.   Having tested many forms of mediative practices and working with many schools of meditaton, as well as coming up with hurdles herself, Nathalie’s advice can save you years of wandering or putting meditation off for for when you may have “more time.”

SIT WITH ME  PRIVATE LAUNCH WORKSHOP 90 Minutes, $250 US or $350 SGD ($200 SGD hour).  Sometimes, we just need to sit with a teacher for the first time to LAUNCH a lifetime of meditation.  Only one Lesson Needed to Get Started.  The first time I had a seated meditation I was with a Tibetain lama, a man who had meditated two times in an enclosed box for 49 days without light (this is a bit extreme), but sitting there for my first 20 and then 40 minute meditation with him and a small group of others convinced me that sitting for 20 minutes was not so hard.  If you have a limited budget, but just need to go through meditation once with someone doing the practice or have doubts that you can sit for 20 minutes, the one shot may be the right selection for you.  The first step is always the hardest as we step into the unknown.  I would like to make this step a beautiful moment.  I will also give you information on resources to continue meditation on your own.

INNER SILENCE FOUNDATION I PRIVATE LESSONS 1 HOUR, 5 Sessions of 1 Hour Coaching, Valid up to 2 Months $660 US or $900 SGD   ($130 US or $180 SGD a Session).  This is for those who want to start the practices that begin cleansing the nervous system for meditation.  This format  provides time for questions as we go along as well as doubts and sets the habit of time and place in meditation.  It is ideal for an individual who has found meditation in the past difficult, but who wants to do the practices necessary to build a foundation for inner silence.  The once a week practice with someone who has gone through the practice herself and who has kept a daily practice without ever having missed a day is invaluable for those who do not want to go it alone.

MEDITATION + CORE COMPETENCE  PRIVATE WORKSHOP 2 Hours,  $500 SGD ($250 SGD hour).  Sometimes, we need to go beyond our best in our core competence.  This is for those who may not have a meditation practice and want to see a breakthrough in a core competence (business, relationship, health or other).  We work not only on meditation but directly on one of your core competences.   Depending on what you share (part of your success depends on sharing things that matter most to you) you will open up new possibilities.  This may include ideas and innovation for business, how to breakthrough in a relationship, or balancing healthy living.

THE VISIONARY LEADER I AND II.   Enrollment Visionary Leader Closed.  Get on the Wait List. 

Visionary Leader I , II   A one year mastery program to change oneself creating the foundation to go beyond one’s best in one’s field or expertise, this includes a 1 Full Day VIP day Singapore + weekly hour session skype over 9 months.  To explore going beyond one’s best  an ambitious project must be presented that has an element of service for others.  This program is for geniuses, mavicks, innovators, CEOs and talented leaders of their field who want to contribute something to the world and are eager for the adventure of a lifetime and then some.  You may apply for the program or may be invited.  A service to others is a necessary pre-requisite for approval.

Can re-apply to continue program for a second year.