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Nathalie Ishizuka, a Franco-Japanese from New York, is an Artist and Director of the Movement Beyond Our Best: Re-inventing Ourselves Silently. She teaches meditation through the Experience of Art.

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Commission a Painting

Something that Matters in Your Life

Stage 1: Select a painting or theme of paintings in the Art Gallery that Move YOU 

 Stage 2: Take a Private One Hour Meditative Gallery Tour of Paintings with Artist

     Price: 60 Euros

 Stage 3: Commission a Work on a Theme (Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Sphere, Virtue)

     Price: 300 Euros (non refundable).  Prior to agreement the Artist meditates to see if      she can accept the offer, subject, price.   Work begins after payment.  

 Stage 4: Collect Painting in Brussels, Belgium or Biarritz France

     Price: 2000 Euros HTVA (If you don't like painting pay only non refund fee 300)

Stage 5:  If you can not collect painting in Brussels or Biarritz you arrange and pay additional for packing,  insurance, shipping and associated fees for pickup.

Contact: for a Commission or if FINISHED works from the private collection of the Artist are available for Sale.


Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka

Artist, meditator & Director of Beyond OUr BEst

Director Beyond Our Best, Worked over 30 years on a Psychology of Health and Happiness, Self Taught Artist, Writer, Individual & Societal Change, Certified Yoga Teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices.  Works with Individuals & International Organizations to create spheres and spaces of inner health, vibrancy and joy.

M.A.L.D. Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (admin in cooperation with Harvard), M.B.A. HEC, B.A. Amherst College, summa cum laude, Article 9 of Japanese Constitution. Keio University & Seishin Joshi Gakuin exchange.  SELF TAUGHT ARTIST.   Co-founded movement with 90 year old Belgian Philosopher and Poet, Dr. Paul Briot, who sees crisis as an opportunity to Re-Invent Ourselves and ART as a means to Elevate, Inspire and Transform. Works across disciplines including with Scientists, Economists (including Nobel Prize), Doctors (over 30 years with Dr. Yukio Ishizuka on an Approach to Happiness, Excellence and Well-being), CEOs, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs,  Diplomats facilitated with Yukio Ishizuka training and talks on excellence and well-being at EU Embassy TokyoBritish Embassy Tokyo, Harvard Club Tokyo and taught meditation to Ambassadors, Diplomats and their spouses at Yoga Studios and privately, assists Yogis to innovate across disciplines, practices creative brainstorming with scientists, including MIT professor and Scientist Sahrawi Chaieb on an application of an alogorithm for Black Holes to Flat Screen Technology, creative brainstorming with Architects such as Toyo Ito on projects for Fishermen up north and children's park in Fukushima, meditated with Shaku-Hatchi Musician Masaki Nakamura to create 6 New Original Songs, wrote and illustrated a fable for Nihon Buyo Master Wakayagi Sensei to create Kizuna Dance in Fukishima Theme Cafe, brainstormed with member of Japanese Cabinet with the founder of Suicide Prevention in Japan Yukio Saito for societal change, assisted in bringing well-being, yoga, osteopathy and mental health training to innovate with joy at an Orphanage in Japan, work with Societal Visionaries on Fukushima and Crisis Spots -- those who who can change us from WITHIN. Nathalie sought out and worked with artists for 4 years in Japan to work on project of Elevation in Art after crisis, Meditated for over 3 years with the Shodo Master Saiso Shimada 3-4x a week via skype (Tokyo - Singapore - Europe) to create a new art resulting in Shimada's works being published in Paul Briot's 2018 edition by Editions Caracteres. Facilitated several Exhibits by Shimada at the EU Private Residence in Tokyo, Private Gallery in Paris, a month long exhibit at the Japanese Embassy in Brussels, exhibits in Ginza Tokyo, and upon rendez vous only soon in the first Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Nathalie's own artistic works have been shown in two month long exhibits in New York, Beijing China, In EU Tokyo Residence, and in the Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Artist works across disciplines to create something entirely new.