Dr. Paul Briot, Knowledge & Compassion: Beyond Our Best Equilibrium

Dr. Paul Briot, Ph.D. in Philosophy & Professor of Comparative Religion,  Beyond Our Best Equilibrium: Knowledge & Compassion

Dr. Paul Briot: Learning from Crisis to go Beyond our Best Equilibrium

Today Paul’s work focuses on the use of crisis as a means to elevate ourselves spiritually.  He works with individuals on inspiring knowledge, compassion, liberation and realization of what is most noble or beautiful within.

In his 1989 book, The Structure of Existence he uses the following illustration to depict going beyond a previous best equilibrium.  Zone 3 is the area that exceeds our experience of the past at our best.  It can apply to any areas of our life and represents unchartered territory.

« From individual crisis it is possible to emerge enriched with a new equilibrium that surpasses in value, in human significance the previous equilibrium that the crisis came to shatter.   A crisis can make of us beings that are less divided, more coherent.  They can push us to create a life far deeper in significance and depth.»  — Dr. Paul Briot

To help us beyond a previous best equilibrium, his book, The Structure of Existence shows his students how they can use a crisis, greater sincerity with themselves, artistic creation, and the clarity of objectives to provide one’s existence with a meaning that is uniquely our own.  He suggests that as we resolve life’s most important questions, we must reflect that we belong to groups far larger than ourselves that engulf all of mankind.

More About Dr. Paul Briot

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