OUR FULL GUARANTEE TO LEADERS IN A FIELD (the following conditions apply).

Full Guarantee valid only for Jump Start and Committed Start packages under the following conditions.

1. If you are a leader in a field or an organization or have been invited by me to participate you may qualify for this guarantee.  I will make this explicit before you start.  I can not offer this guarantee to everyone due to my time constraints.  It is my gift to a leader in a field who has the courage to go deeper as their time too is limited.

2. If you select the Jump Start or Committed Start package and have been offered a guarantee, the guarantee can only take place after the end of the monthly package date chosen.  If you decide by the end of the monthly package date that this is not a practice you wish to continue at this time and you have practiced regularly every day until the end of the package date then you will be fully re-embursed :

Full Re-embursement if Practice Min 20 min 2x a day Every day and not Satisfied

Half Re-embursement if Practice 20 Min a day Every Day & not Satisfied.

Bonus:  If you have missed a day, continue, those completing a full 48 days will have much to show for it.

Mutually accepted re-scheduling is possible if given 2 day advance.  Under this circumstance the guarantee holds.

Re-embursement is not dependent on our being able to do the 10 sessions (if you cancel a session and there is no mutual time to arrange a make-up then you forego that lesson).  Please note some people may not need the 10 lessons and will benefit greatly from the package doing just four.  The package is there as support, but you need not use all the sessions.

Definition of Not Satisfied:   Not satisfied means you think I have not done my end of the bargain and you have done 100% of yours.   My end is not to teach you anything (if we do the AYP meditaitons the content is free on the net on the AYP site or paying if you want deeper help on the AYP Plus site) or known in yogic circles (we may do meditations that are not AYP and for which there may not be any texts).

My part is to walk you through the process meditating with you (sharing a moment) and doing the same practices as you to assist.

I will also answer to the best of my ability your questions or refer you to where you may find them.  If I feel that another yogic practice may better suit you, I will advise and we may practice other meditation techniques or refer you to somone.

I receive no money for referrals, and do so in your best interest.  It doesn’t matter to me if you do AYP or another practice with another school that I have tested and know works.  I can only advise on yoga practices that I have tested myself and do not pretend to know all forms of yoga.

You can always do AYP on your own or decide to continue with another teacher.  Remember you are your own teacher.  Do not get caught up in liking or disliking a teacher or finding this or that practice intellectually faulty.  Otherwise, the smarter you are, the more reasons you will find for stopping.  Be discerning, see if you yourself have done all the practices and given it a full chance for 48 days.  Only then may you have an infinitely small glimpse of what you are giving up.

Just because you were not able to continue at this time does not mean you won’t be able to do it another time.  Keep trying.  Be open and persistent.  Be forgiving too of yourself and happy you tried this far, many people do not take the first step.

A Guarantee is not a Guarantee for an Effect or Outcome:

Please note you can not be promised an effect in meditation.  The guarantee is just to encourage regular and consistent practice.  The reason 20 minutes is selected twice a day is selected is that this is the time needed to help cleanse the nervous system using AYP practices.  If you don’t do the full practices you won’t be getting your investment’s worth nor using your time well.

The practice I wish to install with this guarantee is never to miss a day of meditation.  This is the way of my own teacher for the last 60 years including when he was in the hospital.  I have done my best to do the same, never missing to my memory a day of meditation.

I believe you are one of a kind.  Please invest wisely in yourself and your time.  You are worth it.  I believe in you.