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Nathalie Ishizuka

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Nathalie Ishizuka, a Franco-Japanese from New York, is an Artist and Director of the Movement Beyond Our Best: Re-inventing Ourselves Silently. She teaches meditation through the Experience of Art.

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Nathalie Ishizuka, is a meditative self taught artist who worked with talented Japanese masters (Sumie, Shodo, Nihon Buyo) and many disciplines including meditation masters from all cultures, a former Nobel Laureate in Economics, her Zen like father, Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, a Harvard train Japanese psychiatrist for over 20 years in creating a new theory of health and happiness, and in the last ten years with the philosopher Dr. Paul Briot on the use of crisis and the creation of a Visionary Art that Elevates.

Today abandoning all meditation techniques, Nathalie teaches meditation through viewing her art in silence. Together with the viewer, she explores life as a new adventure that abandons the past to create something entirely new. Each session viewing paintings is entirely different and depending on the questions of the viewer can open up an entirely new perspective on life and our creative capacities to create beauty.