6 Day Meditation Challenge

September 2, 2018

6 Day Challenge Meditation

6 Day Meditation Challenge “2 Minutes”

Congratulations, if you were sent this link by me, you have started meditation and are just about to begin the 6 Day Meditation Challenge using the meditation by Yogani Advanced Yoga Practices that just might change your life.

Not only that, you have started one of the most effective and tested mediations I have learned to date and can read more about it in this book: Advanced Yoga Practices, Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living by Yogani.

This is a meditation practice that will grow with you, that will evolve as you do and accompany you all the way to the most advanced yogic techniques gradually and at your own pace.  For those who want to review it now press this link to Yogani’s site and read the full instructions for the original 20 minute meditation.

You Should Celebrate

So already on day 1 you are ahead of the game.  Way ahead of where I was seven years ago when I began meditation and decided that I would — like my own raja yoga teacher– never miss a day of meditation in my life.

You can too.  Here is a simple trick to make that possible :  You make a simple promise to yourself now, no matter what — that even on a day you may have an operation — you do a 2 minute meditation.

Who Does Not have 2 Minutes?

From now onwards make that promise to yourself (you deserve it) and today will be a day where your life will change as will all those whom you love.  It is not the 2 minutes that can change your life, but those 2 minutes can instill a daily meditation habit that will.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get to do the 20 minute meditation yesterday or that you just heard about it now.

Today is a new day.  Begin now.  After you read this article set the timer on your phone for the 2 minute challenge.   Put your right hand on your abdomen.  Take 3 deep breaths and feel the air decend to the abdomen.  Release.

  1. Set the intention that you will experience inner silence and joy even for a short moment and dedicate that moment to three people whom you love deeply —  this can even be yourself.
  2. Repeat the “I AM” mantra eyes closed for 2 minutes.  When your mind wanders gently bring it back to the mantra.  Feel the mantra inside at whatever level you can.
  3. When you are done smile (physically make sure you smile), and feel gratitude for your moment of inner silence.

Something tremendous has just begun…

Why tremendous?  Look at the picture above of a book I stumbled on last week when an elderly Indian gentleman was reading this raja yoga book in an Ayurvedic doctor’s office.  The man was of a certain age and his eyes sparkled and I couldn’t help but notice the back cover of his book and the words : raja yoga.

I am not good with Indian accents and I can’t claim to fully understand what this man wanted me to know, but he was quite joyous and kept talking to me and pointing at the book and saying that not a day should be wasted.  That our lives will fly by and in one wink it will be over.

He told me that I must tell people that they must begin whatever is most important in their life today. That tomorrow or a better moment never comes.  There is only this instant.

This gentleman pointed to the wheel diagram above (that must have dated from many years ago as the life span of humans at that time was 60) and said he had not allowed such a plight to happen to him.

I am not quite sure what else he said even if I was trying very hard to understand, all I know was that his eyes were gleaming, he was fully alive and I enjoyed his presence immensely despite the language barrier.

So I think that his message is for all of us.  Here is the 6 Day Challenge:

For Six Days meditate for at least 2 minutes twice a day

Meditate with the mantra “I AM” once when you first get up and before you do anything — this includes before you check your phone and see what Trump has just done.

Just sit up in bed and do your 2 minutes of “I AM” eyes closed.

Then before dinner, excuse yourself if you must (you can even say you are going to the rest room as people will usually leave you alone there for 2 minutes and you can lock the door) and do your 2 minutes.

No excuses.  That is the minimum challenge and it is meant to have you set meditation as a ritual right from the start, a habit much like you brush your teeth in the morning, shower or eat breakfast.  You don’t think about whether you will or will do not do those things.  Meditation is the same and actually far more benefiicial than any of the three.  It is internal cleansing that will bring inner silence and joy.

If you can do this challenge successfully for 6 days, the habit of meditation just might stick for your lifetime.  You just may change the direction of that wheel and your life in more ways that you can imagine.

It is that simple.  That powerful.

Once you have completed the 6 day challenge, let us know on my facebook page  (be patient I am not a facebook expert but want you to have a venue to encourage each other and support one another).  Right now the facebook page is new and you need not worry about privacy as you may well be the first one to visit it!  This is just so you can all give each other support.  I promise I will learn along with you.

BeyondOurBest Facebook Page   (Again I am not sure how this works be patient !  If it doesn’t work just have fun for now writing a “I did 2 mintues” on your calandar book :).

Once you did that, put on your Facebook page that you did the 2 Minute Meditation Challenge.  You can forward the challenge and this page to the three people you dedicated your meditation.

Each Day You Can Change The Direction of Your Life

If you skip a day, begin again today the challenge for 6 consecutive days for 2 minutes 2x a day.  If you feel ambitious you can always do more than the 2 minutes — say 5 minutes and then 10 minutes, perhaps 15 minutes or eventually 20 minutes (but never less than 2 minutes nor more than 20 minutes).

It is always better to do 10 minutes 2x a day then once a day 20 minutes.

This is because you are changing your nervous system and in 5 to 10 hours your nervous system goes back to its normal self.  So if you spread out your meditations to twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening you are most effective in your effort.  You reap far more benefits than one long meditation.

Soon enough you will be practicing 20 minutes twice a day.  You will do it not because anyone told you to do it, but because once you start to feel the silence and joy in your daily life you will be hooked.

If you are doing 20 minutes or even 10 minutes make sure you rest afterwards for at least 5 to 10 minutes.  I like to rest for 10 minutes.  It is during this rest time (eyes closed not repeating the mantra) that the full benefits accrue.  When we skip the rest, we tend to be irritable or angry as the nervous system has not had time to integrate.  If you feel that is happening to you remember to rest a little more.  If you still feel irritable, reduce the meditation time.

Remember this analogy.  You are upgrading your nervous system.  Pulling out the plug while you are upgrading (resting) is not wise.

When you upgrade your nervous system it is much like upgrading the operating system of your computer.

If you pull out the plug of your computer during an upgrade of its operating system, things will go wrong.  Your nervous system is the same and even more delicate.  It needs those 5 – 10 minutes of rest.  Don’t pull out your own plug — take the rest after the meditation.  You are so much more important than your computer!

20 minutes twice a day is the ideal time to change your nervous system, but anything you do even 2 minutes will do incredible good as a start  — the first step is always the hardest!

So there is no reason not to do it.  No reason not to be a little curious.  No reason not to start right now.

This meditation erases all obstructions (one layer at a time) permanently in a way that modern psychology cannot.  So do your 2 minutes.  Do the 6 Day Challenge.

You are fortunate and although you may not understand this just yet, the world is grateful for what you have already accomplised during your first 20 minute meditation.  You are helping yourself and you are helping all of us.

Now the world will be grateful for your next 2 minutes.  So do it right now.  And I thank you deeply too.

We are going to be on an adventure of a lifetime.  If you are a bit curious, a bit adventurous and have 2 mintues to spare right now — you may alter that wheel and your life and the life of many others.

We can do this.  Now is the only time we have.  This moment will not happen again.  Begin now.

ACTION STEP 1 :  Do Your 2 Minutes Right Now.

And don’t forget to smile and celebrate.

ACTION STEP 2:  Post on Facebook that You did Your 2 Minute Challenge of Inner Silence.

If you did more than 2 Minutes You can Let us Know!

ACTION STEP 3:  Forward the challenge to three friends and post this page for instructions.

Sharing inner silence in our busy lives is gift to those you care about.  Forward the challenge to the three people you dedicated your meditation to or to someone else who you think just can’t do it !

If you like this Challenge Buy Yogani’s Full Method and go Far Beyond Anything You can Imagine or go to his free website and start the meditations now.  I challenged you with a 2 minute habit to start.  To get you curious.

Yogani’s challenge is going to change your life and then some.  It does take 20 minutes…but no ordinary 20 minutes.  Find out for yourself.

Nathalie Ishizuka

About the Author

Nathalie Ishizuka

Nathalie Ishizuka, a Franco-Japanese from New York, is Director of the Movement Beyond Our Best: Re-inventing Ourselves Silently. She is a meditation coach accompanying visionaries committed to changing themselves with tested techniques of meditation and one area of competence beyond a previous best.