The Rainbow Tower, Toyo Ito: Architect, Artistic Proposition 4

Can an architect such as Toyo Ito inspire us with architecture never experienced before?

The text quoted is from Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…? 2004, Editions Caractères, Collections : Cahiers & Cahiers. 

The suggestions or possible interpretations are by Nathalie Ishizuka and can be improved by Japanese artists.  They serve only as examples.  Any artist is free to interpret.  We suggest that any ideas used be appropriately cited to the authors to encourage future work with other creative artists, amplify an artist’s work and join in a collective process that inspires.

Artistic Proposition 4


Artist, Saiso Shimada


“A tall pillar (or column) goes through all the colors of the rain-bow.  There is more than one way to access the Spirit.” Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…?

In this passage, Dr. Paul Briot imagines a tall tower, which is an analogy of the human spirit and the liberation we may aspire to one day.   After reading this passage by Paul,  I wondered how people working in a building that could capture a real rainbow might experience their work day?

The Rainbow Building:  What would we experience if we lived or worked in a building which could capture a real rainbow?

Could a high tower or building capable of capturing a real rainbow through its « skin» create a sense of wonder by those who work inside?  [1]

Could this building serve as an element of joy and freedom that expresses the capacity for man’s liberation within and without?

Rainbow Building-thumb-500x353-144840

Kolkata India, Facade of IM Library (glass, not real rainbow)

How can Architects inspire more comprehension, compassion, liberation, and realization through breakthroughs in Architecture?

While the above suggestion may seem far fetched, there may well exist a new direction in architecture. We may indeed go beyond just glass colors of rainbows, to imagine capturing a real one.

Apparently NBBJ architects have recently proposed to host the HQ staff of Amazon in a “real urban jungle” that creates a more natural park like setting where “workspaces and meeting rooms bordered by indoor shrubbery and trees”  (Financial Times, May 23, 2013, p. 15).

“By avoiding the look of a conventional office, Amazon is joining Apple, which is proposing a new campus that looks like a ring-shaped spaceship in Cupertino, California.”


NBBJ Architects Proposition for Amazon Head Quarters

The article wisely points out that the biospheres should include energy demands that make sense and are in line with the idea.

That is no easy task and real innovators in architecture need to be thinking about the future and new demands in energy.

Room for a Rainbow Building in Tokyo?

Perhaps Tokyo with its innovative architects, could have room to host a rainbow building?  Could it be for Apple, Google or Microsoft?  For another innovative company?  Could this interest Toyo Ito or another Japanese architect?

[1] A scientist who was a Professor at MIT suggests this is possible. Sahraoui Chaieb Ph.D.