Toshio Hosokawa: March 11th, Opera or Olympics Artistic Proposition 3

Will a Composer such as Toshio Hosokawa Inspire Compassion?

The text quoted is from Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…? 2004, Editions Caractères, Collections : Cahiers & Cahiers. 

The suggestions or possible interpretations are by Leiko Ishizuka and can be improved by Japanese artists.  They serve only as examples.  Any artist is free to interpret.  We suggest that any ideas used be appropriately cited to the authors to encourage future work with other creative artists, amplify an artist’s work and join in a collective process that inspires.

Artistic Proposition




Artist, Saiso Shimada

“Waves of warm colours, roses, the sumptuous orchestra of reds embracing us, setting us ablaze, crowning our hearts.”         Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…?


Suggestion Leiko Ishizuka:

Four islands representing Japan (red hot air balloons in the shape of the four islands of Japan or holograms if technologically possible) float above a crowd.

From these islands emerge non-threatening waves of compassion.  These waves embrace the crowd and emanate to all parts of Japan and outwards to the world.  Whereas on March 11, 2011 suffering emanated from Japan, now different waves of warmth emanate to all from the country.

hosokawadancersComposers such as Toshio Hosokawa could realize this creative work of music with a light show or through choreographed dancers becoming a human wave.

One might also imagine the dancers dropping from the sky (dancing attached to nets as seen in the opera Matsukaze at La Monnaie).

Audience: This artistic proposition can be experienced at a commemoration for March 11th   to awaken a crowd to fundamental change, at the Opera, in a planitarium, at an Art Festival, or experienced during the Olympics or in a “Museum of Art or Imagination” (Paul Briot).