Timing and Change

Timing and the Need for Individual and National Transformation on both Small and Large Scales

Most of us can feel that the world isn’t at its best right now.  Many of us accept that in our own lives there are also natural ups and downs.  So the following curve looks familiar:


Natural or Normal cycle of Ups and Downs that Can not Be Avoided

These are normal patterns or cycles that we all experience and can not be avoided.

At night we rest, during the day we awake to face challenges.

In the spring we are full of energy, in the winter we bundle up and slow down.

And so too exist patterns or cycles with nations rising and falling over time in influence, stature and the means to lead wisely.  Although natural patterns are inevitable, somehow the above cycle may not be what we are now experiencing.

On a national and individual level, it somehow feels more like this:

cycles intense

Sharper, more concentrated and numerous cycles leave us with less time to recover, rest or face new challenges with a fresh perspective.

The cycles of ups and downs are closer together, acute and concentrated in nature giving individuals and nations little time to recover, rest, re-cooperate or face new challenges with a fresh perspective.

Natural and man-made disasters are taking a toll on us individually and as nations.

Individuals and Nations are Challenged

Natural and man-made disasters are beginning to exhaust both individuals and nations and may accelerate environmental change, economic crisis, loss of life, war over resources, famine, disease and create new challenges ahead.  Without positive intervention or a new approach our curve may spiral out of control and head downwards.


Without positive intervention the exhaustion of resources may accelerate a downward turn.

Accelerated change and challenges could lead us to realize we can no longer content ourselves with individual change and transformation, but look also to nations to accelerate change for the better.

Both may be necessary & one without one the other is impossible.   Something has to be done by each of us to create positive movement.

Where will Change Begin?  What will Positive Change look like?

We believe that because the March 11th crisis (triple disaster tsunami, earthquake, nuclear) is deeper in Japan than elsewhere and because the Japanese are capable of great focus that change could begin in Japan.  Given the probability of another major earthquake in Japan (some serious studies say a 75% chance in the next four years), this may not be too soon.

It is our belief that the Japanese, particularly, Japanese artists are capable of sensing and initiating this great change and that they can provide us with a glimpse of what man is capable of at his or her best.

Through acts and works illustrating knowledge and compassion that elevate and inspire we may see, understand and experience what individuals and a nation are capable of in the worst of crisis. We may experience the above curve as real rather than merely talk about it.

When change becomes a collective experience and not a mere philosophy of words Japanese citizens may follow.

Inspired by talented Japanese artists whose works elevate our spirit and imagination, Japanese citizens may understand the importance of the moment and follow.  Each citizen, realizing what man is capable of, may freely chose to elevate what is most beautiful or noble within and make changes on a small and large scale.  These changes are likely to begin with small acts of compassion and could start with small groups of two or three people gathered around important issues that move us.

Before we see national change, all of us can do small things that elevate knowledge, compassion, liberation & realization.

Each day, elevating or knowledge or compassion any amount is important as both grow over time.  We may feel great compassion towards others, but do nothing.  Unless we realize our current level of knowledge or compassion, little will change in our own lives and in our nations.  But if we attempt to raise knowledge and compassion daily, in the smallest of acts (any amount, any amount up!) our knowledge and compassion grows.  Opportunities arise for the realization of this knowledge and compassion.  We change.

Our hope is that change in Japan will encourage all of us to see what man is capable of  when a nation is challenged with natural and man-made disasters.

Often it takes being around inspiring individuals or experiencing nations at their best to realize what is humanely possible.  People and nations are lead not by words but by example.  Without the realization that something is indeed possible, most of us do not try.  We have no idea where or how to begin.  And hence, the first nation to breakthrough to greater heights in the current global context may face a considerable challenge, but its breakthrough could commit all of us to a process of individual and national change.

If Japan succeeds, change can spread to other nations.   By example Japan could show what is possible.  Each nation respecting its own culture and heritage could elevate what is most noble within that country.  Nations elevating their best could offer in full liberty a new moral force; one that could begin to lift us, to encourage our spirits to new heights by showing us what is possible by individuals and nations at our best.

If each country offers something different which is unique to itself — to the spirit of that nation– it can lift or elevate others to new heights.  For in our inter-dependent world, no nation can rise or fall alone.  Given we are all highly interdependent, a crisis on one side of the globe affects us all.  A change within one nation alone is not sufficient.

To succeed together, our curve as global citizens will need to look more like this:


Where Nations Elevate their Strengths and Most Positive Virtues in Full Liberty without Imposing these virtues on other Nations