A Purple Cloud: New Ideas Rain on Japan, Artistic Proposition 2

What New Ideas will Inspire Japan?

The text quoted is from Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…? 2004, Editions Caractères, Collections : Cahiers & Cahiers. 

The suggestions or possible interpretations are by Nathalie Ishizuka and can be improved by Japanese artists.  They serve only as examples.  Any artist is free to interpret.  We suggest that any ideas used be appropriately cited to the authors to encourage future work with other creative artists, amplify an artist’s work and join in a collective process that inspires.

Artistic Proposition


“A purple cloud condenses into a rain of ideas.”

Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…?


UnNuageViolet copy

Artist, Saiso Shimada

Suggestion Nathalie Ishizuka: Ideas on a new Japan rain down on the crowd related to a new consciousness in Japan based on knowledge, compassion, liberation and realization.


This may take the form of great new works of art (new architecture, poetry, music, literature, dance..) appearing in the sky (through holograms or a light show) and raining down on the crowd in drops (one possible hologram technology would allow the raindrops not only to be seen but to be felt).  Alternatively, images of a new relationship and respect for nature could be projected, or innovations in green energy such as solar cars used to power houses or other inventions inciting the Japanese to elevate ourselves and create beyond our best.

Audience: This artistic proposition can be experienced at a commemoration for March 11th   to awaken a crowd to new possibilities, at an event related to green energy and new directions for Japan, in a planetarium, at an Art Festival, or experienced during the Olympics or in a “Museum of Art or Imagination” (ie..a museum conceived for works of art that inspire us in crisis as imagined by Dr. Paul Briot).