Hayao Miyazaki: Animation, Artistic Proposition 1

Will Hayao Miyazaki incite us to dance as sunflowers?

The text quoted is from Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…? 2004, Editions Caractères, Collections : Cahiers & Cahiers. 

The suggestions or possible interpretations are by Leiko Ishizuka and can be improved by Japanese artists.  They serve only as examples.  Any artist is free to interpret.  We suggest that any ideas used be appropriately cited to the authors to encourage future work with other creative artists, amplify an artist’s work and join in a collective process that inspires.

Artistic Proposition




Artist, Saiso Shimada

“A field of sunflowers, moving sculptures.  The flowers converse, look after one another, bow in all directions.  Eyelids of suns.  Us.”


Dr. Paul Briot, Le rayonnant…un art vers l’Infini…?

Suggestion Leiko Ishizuka: Imagine giant sunflowers projected as holograms from inside a planatarium (or if technologically possible the sky) onto a crowd in a location that resembles a Japanese garden.

The sunflowers take on the size of a human and dance amongst the audience.   An artist such as Hayao Miyazaki could illustrate such a field of sunflowers with animation and music that interacts with the audience.  Dancers could arise amidst the audience.

Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki

Audience: This artistic proposition can be experienced as a scene in a movie by Hayao Miyazaki or viewed by live audiences in repeated shows (possibly in Hayao Miyazaki’s museum), in a planetarium, a Museum of Art, an art festival or at a commemoration for March 11th   to lift a crowd.  If the technology to create animation exists for holograms in an outdoor setting it could be conceived as an event at the Olympics.