Retreat Shodo & AYP Meditation

Meditation AYP, Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy), and Energy in Malaysia Tioman Island

Dates: Tuesday October 22nd – Monday October 28

The Venue: Secluded part of Tioman Island, Malaysia. Reserved Area on Jungle/Ocean. Very Few Spots Available as The Area Has Been Pre-Selected for Energy & Only 5 Chalets Exist at this eco friendly resort. The chalets are on the ABC side of the island (two nearby restaurants) and all have sea views and incredible energy. We are close to ABC village.

Retreat Participants: Upon Invitation Only as Selected Leaders are Being Chosen for Possible Future Contributions to AYP, Shodo, the arts and service to others. Members selected based on AYP Experience, Yoga Experience, Shodo Interest, Meditation Experience & Capacity to Contribute to Future workshops in Singapore, Japan or abroad. Those who speak Japanese or who work with Japan are given precedence.

We are laying the groundwork for future workshops that can be available to greater numbers. Thank you for your support & patience. Please put your name on waiting list or if you have been personally invited, please let us know as soon as possible as the rooms are also available to other guests.

Languages: English and Japanese (French translation available).

Retreat Leaders: The retreat will be lead by Saiso Shimada (shodo) and Nathalie Ishizuka (AYP meditation – Cosmic Samyama). Nathalie has been meditating with Saiso Shimada (cosmic samyama) for the last 3 years about 3x-4x weekly and is developing a program for the arts.

Food: Self pay at restaurants. Food is not included in costs. Restaurants on the island are simple and very basic as Jungle area and difficult to import food (impossible to grow due to Jungle monkeys). Few fruits and veggies. For simplicity sake we will eat at the restaurants available on the island or do what is possible. Each can eat where they wish no obligation to eat together. For those on a particular diet, please talk to Nathalie for advice. There is a natural spring for water that is filtered and excellent. You may wish to bring breakfast bars which you can keep in the refrigerator.

Accommodation: Simple Chalets very rustic but perfect for meditation by an owner who meditates and is respectful of the environment. The team is most caring and kind and this is a home away from home. Fans, no air-conditioning but pleasant. Cold water showers. Mini-frig in some of the chalets. All feature verandas facing the sea and on vortex of energy (reason why we chose this place). Minimum stay rules apply. Normally no retreats or groups allowed. This is the first exception made by the place for us so we need to treat the place like our own home. It has not been designed for retreats, so we will enjoy the accommodation’s formidable energy and be flexible.

What to Bring: Yoga Matt (cheap, simple light one that can go on sand), shodo equipment if you have it if not let us know in advance. Bathing suit, raincoat/jacket, mosquito repellent, hat, sun screen etc. There is no table for shodo practice, so we will be on the floor. Bring your medecines, any supplements you may need, breakfast bars if desired.

We will make do with the facilities which were not designed for a retreat — but as you will see the formidable energy in this place makes up for it all.

Cost of the Retreat Itself Per Person Except Retreat Leaders: 300 euros About ($459 SGD) or Yen 36,300 per person. Max of 6 people on retreat.

Costs of 300 euros to 2 Main Retreat Leaders is in ADDITION to:

+ your housing costs (depending on selection below very low)

+ food (not so expensive on island but not great choice)

+ travel to island

+ individual excursions such as scuba diving or other (very reasonable rates on the island and great diving).

Cost of Room per Night without food (depends on currency exchange):

Chalet 5 Single: 150 Ringit (taken), About 3880 Yen, $50 SGD per night.

Chalet 4 Single: 150 Ringit (taken), About 3880 Yen $50 SGD per night

(Chalet 3 Double Occupancy: One main bed and one pull out bed (350 Ringit a Night/2 if two people share). This one has been re-painted and is new. About 9054 Yen or $115 SGD for single occupancy. One is double bed, the other a pull out. If divided, 200 Ringit for double bed, 150 Ringit for pull out cott per night.

Chalet 2 Double Occupancy: One main bed and one pull out bed (250 Ringit a Night/2 if two people share). About 6467 Yen or $82 SGD. One is a double bed, the other a pull out. If divided, 150 Ringit for double bed , 100 Ringit for pull out cott.

Chalet 1 Double Occupancy: One main bed and one pull out bed (300 Ringit a Night/2 if two people share). About 7760 Yen or $100 SGD for whole chalet. One is a double bed, the other a pull out. If divided, 175 Ringit for double, 125 Ringit for pull out cott.

Rates for double occupancy are only valid if we find you second person if not you have to pay the full chalet fee.

Reservations directly with the hotel. You are liable if you chose to cancel your room for any fees accrued with the hotel.

Rooms still available

    Chalet 5 (single) : no

   Chalet 4 (single) : no

  Chalet 3 (bed and cott) : yes

Chalet 2 (bed) and (cott ): bed available, cott taken (male occupancy)

Chalet 1 (bed and cott) : yes

To Reserve for the Retreat You Must Pay Non-Refundable Fee (not including hotel): 70 euros to Nathalie Ishizuka. The remaining 230 euros should be paid no later than September 20th to retain your spot.

To Reserve You must Also Reserve at the Hotel. They do not take reservations for a half room so please notify us if you want shared occupancy or want to reserve the full chalet under your name.

We will need to reserve the room as soon as possible as they are not reserved in advance and can be taken by other guests at the hotel.

Ask for assistance from Bamboo Hills. Most people come from Singapore as no airport on Tioman. Best to come night before at Singapore.

The ferry schedules will normally come out 2 weeks before the start of each month. Once you have booked the ferry. Tell them that you are going to ABC Jetty, or the real name is Air Batang. The hotel will be picking you up at the jetty once you inform us about your ferry timing.

On the Bamboo Hills website is information about booking bus from Singapore and ferry ride. Usually the bus leaves Singapore around 6am and take the ferry from Gemok to Tioman around 11am or 12pm.

The hotel can help you book your travel if needed.

For those needing to sleep in Singapore the night before we depart or the night we return, you can look into a hotel nearby: M-social designed by the designer Philip Stark.  About $120 a night SGD but it depends.  It is a great location, by foot from my place and on the water, a great designer.

M-Social.  90 Robertson Quay Singapore, Robertson Quay, 238259 Singapore, Singapore – Can check on


Dates: Tuesday October 22nd – Tuesday October 28 (Includes 2 Optional Rest Days for Personal Time at End)

Tuesday October 22nd

13:30 – 17:00               arrival, relaxation, swimming

17:00 – 18:30               asana, pranayama,  meditation, samyama

18:30 -19.30                shodo brief intro talk on program

19.30 dinner


Wednesday October 22nd – Friday 26th October

07:00                            wake up bell

07:30 – 09:00               asana, pranayama, meditation, samyama

9:00 – 10.30               Fast, Light breakfast bar, apple, breakfast, swim, rest

10.30- 12.30 shodo

12.30                            lunch

13.30 – 16:30                free time/ walking/ swim/ personal practice

16:40 – 18:00              asana, pranayama, meditation, cosmic samyama

18.00 dinner

20.30               evening talk/questions and answers

Saturday 26th October

Half-Day & Excursion or Free Time Day: Soak in the Energy

07:00                            wake up bell

07:30 – 09:00               asana, pranayama, meditation, samyama

9:00 – 10.30               Fast, Light breakfast bar, apple, breakfast, swim, rest

10.30- 12.30 shodo

12.30                            lunch

Free TIME for Excursions, Diving or Rest or Self Practice

Sunday 27th and Monday 29th (Holiday) Exploration, Rest, Integration

7.30am – 9.00am asanas, meditation, samyama, rest

Tuesday 29th October

07:00                            wake up bell

07:30 – 08:30               pranayama, meditation, samyama                             

10:00                            brunch

11:30 – 12:00               farewells and departure

Estimate Costs of Retreat:

7 nights x Cost of Room (Depends on Room) 30 to 75 euros night (actual fee charged by hotel)

See for pictures and details of rooms as well as costs by hotel. We will share Chalets to allow more people to come. Also here is info on how to get to Tioman Malaysia. Easiest is via Singapore.

Fee for Retreat Leaders Teaching Time 2 People 300 euros for 5 days

Food at restaurants or snacks Not Included

Activities such as diving or jungle walk, kayaking. Not Included

Your travel to the site Not Included

Bicycles are sometimes available for free at the hotel.

Recommended to Travel Back on Tuesday around 13.30 Ferry as Less Traffic then Leaving on a Holiday Weekend (Estimated 2-4 hours more return Sunday or Monday to Singapore).

No planes should be taken on same day you leave island.

Ferry hours and availability depend on water condition. It an take many hours to return to Singapore especially if you leave on Sunday or Monday night (not recommended).

The meditations are optional should you feel that one is enough or too strong. You can limit yourself to what you feel is good.

Should we wish to book alternative travel like rental of cab rather than bus there may be additional charges for organization. Each is responsible for their own bookings for ferry, bus, hotels.