Before a Cup can be Filled, it Must be Emptied




​​RELEASE: The Path ​of ​Action

​The path of Action requires ​you to recognize realities, take perspective, make decisions and carry out effective internal and external actions daily.  You start by recognizing and releasing the source of stress and then overcome through love.

​8 Causes of Human Suffering

Buddha​ categorized all forms of unavoidable human suffering into 8 categories: 

1. Live and Let Live

2. Aging

3. Illness

4. Death and Fear of Death

5. Separation and Loss

6. Frustration and Desire to Possess

7. Mistakes and Remorse

8. Interpersonal Problems

These were inescapable in that all humans during life would face such challenges.  They can not be avoided.

​Buddha also found ​however, that there was a second factor involved that allowed some not to suffer ​while others ​suffered tremendously.  He called this factor "​the second factor."   ​

In LifeTrack therapy (path to action) we work in this second factor, the "subjective factor" and learn to recognize the key areas of our life where if we improve in them daily, we can not help but become far happier and more balanced than ever before.

​Lifetrack by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, written by Nathalie Ishizuka creator of www.PositiveMentalhealthFoundation.com ​

​Stress ​

​Stress can take many forms in our lives.   ​These forms can include:

1. Anxiety

2. Anger

3. Physical Symptoms

4. Depression

5. Psychosis

Some people during their life show only one of these forms, others alternate between all five.  Overtime, one form of stress can repeat itself and seem to crystalize into a repeated pattern or "disease." However painful, these are only signs of distress and if dealt with effectively ias they arise, need not be glorified.

These 5 Signals are indeed your friend and are warning signs that you have exceeded your current capacity to cope or some fundamental needs are not being met adequately.  

In the path of action (Lifetrack), we recognize the signals, do not glorify them ​nor make their elimination the objective, instead ​we learn through daily practice how to get the fundamental needs met for self, intimacy and achievement, while respecting the alarm signals and growing far beyond a previous best level of adjustment in all areas of our life.

​Lifetrack ​ by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, written by Nathalie Ishizuka creator of www.PositiveMentalhealthFoundation.com ​

​5 Alternatives at Threshold of Stress

​​At our threshold of stress, we have 5 Alternatives in the path of action (according to Lifetrack):

1. Escalation of Warning Signs of Stress or Symptoms such as Anxiety, Anger, Physical Symptoms, Depression or Psychosis.

2. Overcome the Challenge by adequately responding both internally and externally to the signs of stress and going beyond a Previous Best Level of Adjustment.

3. Retreat from the challenge temporarily to reduce stress (may change jobs or spouse, take a vacation or a day off or other). Sometimes this is the best solution.

4. Drug abuse.  Alcohol or drugs can be used to temporarily escape the stress but the problem is that once the chemicals don't work the same challenge exists (same spouse, same work etc) as before and you may also have an addiction to boot! 

5. Suicide/Homicide. Those that take this route, ​believe that they can no longer stand the symptoms, the drugs don't work anymore, there is no retreat, and no possibility for breakthrough.  Of course a situation can change, and if it cannot change, our view of it can so this option is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

​Lifetrack ​ by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka, written by Nathalie Ishizuka creator of www.PositiveMentalhealthFoundation.com ​    

Founder Dr. Yukio Ishizuka


​LIFETRACK is a full scope system of ​psychology that ​combines the understanding of the mind at its best and worst.   Lifetrack focuses on three key spheres of life or well-being that can bring the greatest joy in our daily lives: self, intimate relationships and achievements.  ​The approach also can encompass a spiritual element or union with the infinite, truth, God or the universe.  This site encompasses lifetrack educational concepts ​and not lifetrack therapy which ​is intensive change with a doctor. 

Nathalie Ishizuka, Yukio Ishizuka's daughter, studied and has worked with Dr. Yukio Ishizuka for over 30 years.  She created www.PositiveMentalHealthFoundation.com to provide free information online.View

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​​RELEASE:  The Way of the Heart

The path of the heart requires you to forget everything you know and release negative emotions and thoughts as they arise.  We learn to love ourselves unconditionally. This is the fastest route.  Constant love.  It does not require a partner ​and can be practiced alone. We learn to immediately release negative emotions rather than store in the body and fulfill the basic need with love.

​​Who am I?

​​The way of the heart ​requires child like innocence.  It begins with a ​connection and adoration to what is most true, beautiful, powerful and divine within.  One has to ​connect to one's ​truth, oneness, to what is most beautiful or divine within; to our source.  

​This path requires humility, transparence, kids play, innocence and not taking oneself too seriously.  It involves nothing complicated and no technique is needed that two year old can not master.

​What it does requires is JOY and learning to love oneself fully.  To send the vibration of love within just above the physical heart and not outwards towards others.

For if we do not truly love oneself, the love we send out to others will not do.  

Hence in advanced ​stages of this ​path of the heart, we are sending love inside just above the physical heart 24/24.   This may make you a bit sleepy at times as the energy within your body will increase tremendously, but do not worry. Rest when needed.  Your whole body is being re-invigorated and healed.  You are becoming love.

When we can do ​this practice of sending love inside the body ​for a full year, we will feel a formidable transformation and so will everyone else around us.​  

It is an easy path in that it requires no complicated techniques nor the yoga you see at studios or other complicated systems.  

But it does require faith and constant practice.


​A cup can not be filled before it is emptied.  For those who do not know how to meditate or ​let go of negative thoughts or emotions, ​a simple way to ​​release ​emotions is to ​act much like a two year old ​having a tantrum. ​Two year olds don't think about ​events for hours like we do. They don't sulk. They release immediately negative energy and couldn't care less who it disturbs.  But it is released, over, FINI.  ​

Do as they do.  Except one thing, don't do it in public (or they will put you away) and don't release on other people (or they will avoid you and return the negative energy to you or someone else!).  ​

​So if you are feeling strong emotions, you will need to express them physically to release rather than store them in the body.  Cry if you need to cry.  Let go of fear, ​express your anger --  (except perhaps the scream) with your body as if you were one of those All 
Black Rugby Players doing the haka.  ​Watch the link in the video if you forgot how they do the trick.

Notice their tongues. They pull them out which tends to externalize fear. Notice screams and tensions in their arms (try silent screams not to frighten the family and neighbors!). Keep all the physical movements just like the all Black team. Nothing less.

Let it go. Send your anger, frustration and fear like that out. Do it several times until you feel faint. Do it right when you are upset. You can do it in your bedroom, car or restroom. Just don't release on your spouse​, kids, or colleagues as it will only get them to return the same or to unleash negative energy on others.  
Next, IMMEDIATELY, follow directions for "Consant Love" in the ​window on the right.

​​Constant Love

Then what does a two year old do after a tantrum? After there is literally not a tear left in his or her body, and they have embarrassed you to no end, they go and hug their mom or dad.

So we have to be a mother to ourselves. We have to do this second part or else the fear, the anger, the frustration will only come back at a later date stronger.

How? Just above the physical heart there is a sweet spot in yoga. In that spot you can connect to your physical body, to energy, to your emotions, to your thoughts, and spirit. Send unconditional love INSIDE that spot.

You can put your hand on that area if it helps you. Do so until you feel the vibration of love entering your body and releasing all tensions. This will help you tremendously and your family living in a confined space. You will feel GREAT.

Remember, a cup can not be filled if it is full.

If you have tensions inside, fear, anger, frustration, you can not add love on top of it. Love in such a climate can not be a band-aid. You must first empty fully YOUR cup before you can receive love. You must EVACUATE the negative energy first or you can not send love. It simply won't go inside. There is no room for it.

​RELEASE negative emotions using your kids TANTRUM method and please do not yell at family members or colleagues as that only shifts the negative energy to another family member (for a short time) or person. They will in turn be sure to share it with ​others and it will get back to you tenfold! (as you well know!)


​BHAKTI, devotion and the experience of intense love within that consumes us is a path of yoga ​in itself.  ​Yet, this path has become easier for many at our present time.  It requires no knowledge, no technique, no fear of failure.  Just faith, devotion, letting go and constant practice.  One must learn to be completely in the present.  Those who can focus 24/24 or who have the faith to attempt it alone should ​begin as it is easier now than ever (you can begin training twice a day in the morning and evening) and gradually each day increase your time periods ​until it encompasses 24/24.

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​​RELEASE: The Path ​of ​Knowledge

The path of knowledge is for the curious who want to know how everything -- including the universe works.   This is experience based. Be ready to turn everything in your life updside down.  Everything.  To explore this path with lightness, joy and playfulness we use paintings and very short meditations.  This is just a taster...as the path is long.  It needs training and this is just a quick peek.  Humility is key on this path.  Knowledge is not ​us.

​Open Energy Channels

​Our full body includes our physical body, our energy body, our emotional body, thoughts, soul and spirit.  It is far larger than we can imagine and with some time and training can be ​experienced.  This larger conception of the self and its connection with the full universe is the first step in discovering life again in all its ​magic, innocence and glory. 

​Explore: Be a Kid Again and View an Art piece with Joy

1.  Look at the Painting Ascending Doors by shodo Master, Saiso Shimada.  

2. Imagine the doors opening up senses you have always had ​that allow you to experience energy.   Have the intent to open your senses.  Intention in meditation is key.

3. Send love just above the physical heart inside your body.

4. Put your hands in front of you palms facing each other.  Repeat three times outloud the word "Litmé."  This is a little like qigong as you say the words you are speaking to the cells in your body.  As you say it continue to send the high vibration of love inside the heart.  You can also say Litme the first time loudly, the second time less loud, the third time silently.

​5. See if you feel heat, tingling or increased sensation in the hands. If so you are ready to go!   If not, you may have ​minor blockages ​or wish to remove any watch or jewelry you have on and try again. Keep sending love to the heart for 2-3 minutes.  Play.  Don't take yourself seriously!

​Release Stress

​Many methods such as Qigong exist where we can train to ​experience the heat or energy between the hands and broaden our understanding of the human ​experience.   In yoga too pranayama allows us to explore the breath and widen our ​perceptions of the ​air element. There exist ​other ​methods of experiencing energy, and we do so in the innocence of a child ​through images, experience and words. Never taking ourselves too seriously.  ​Just enough to let us know through our own experience that a broader reality exists and that what we know ​through our 5 senses is infinitely small.

1. Once you have ​awakened your ​​senses (1-5 on Opening Doors Painting) ​ look at the Painting  above The Tides of Life ​by the artist Nathalie Ishizuka.  Have the intention to purify stress and nervousness found in the Tides of Life or your daily life! This may be particularly useful during stressful times.  Again, make it a strong intent.

2. Send love just above the physical heart inside the body.

3. ​Repeat ​3x outloud the word "Ahoji" and 3x the word "Rody."   ​ As you say it continue to send the high vibration of love inside the heart.  You can also say ​the word the first time loudly, the second time less loud, the third time silently.  Again, you are having fun like a kid and speaking to the cells of your body.

4.  Close your eyes and keep sending love inside just above the physical heart for 5 minutes, relax completely.  Use this method anytime you need.  The painting is not needed but can help to connect you with the intention of relaxation.  Enjoy!

​Release Emotions

​​​If the path of the ​heart does not work for you to release emotions (because you waited too long or can't seem to ​let go this ONE time). ​Use this​ to release longer held emotions --  but remember the ideal is to release emotions IMMEDIATELY with the simplicity of a child.

1. Have the intent to release internal emotional charges​.

2. Put your two feet lovingly on the ground. Do this outiside or in a room where you are alone for at least 7 minutes. ​ Place on the earth all your physical tensions, energy, emotions, thoughts, and spirit.  ​

​2.  ​Put your attention at the heart center.  Send love inside the body above the physical heart.  Activate the Fire of the heart (3x).  

3. Say each ​word three times talking to cells in body:  

a.  Ghiul (3x):  (​Felt in the area three fingers below navel).

b. Uhxnue (3x): (Felt Center of head pineal gland).

c. Sivo (3x), Reho (3x): Hand channels left and right.

d. Shenju (3x).  Felt on gallbladder meridian at a point on the top of head.

4.  Finish with gratitude to your body and the earth for evacuating your emotions.  You can open the window ​for fresh air and air the room.  Next time, use the kids immediate method and do not wait or store any emotions in the body.

​For those who are not familiar with this method please look at Yann Lipnick's book on the body and cellular intelligence.  


​​Knowlege in the field of energy is a life long pursuit and journey.  There are several approaches and teachers in this field, the ​approach introduced used here is merely a teaser, to let you experience energy so you know it exists and can ​broaden your understanding of yourself and begin to see your full potential. To make the process fun, this exploration of energy will take place through viewing ​paintings ​and meditations online in a private session.  For the online version with coaching there will be ​a virtual gallery tour ​allowing you to ​play as a kid would play, without expectations.  ​ In this ​online gallery tour where you view images with a coach and go through meditations, we ​play as kids do and don't take anything seriously.  This is a key to knowledge: humility.  ​

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​Many Ways to Release

​​​​​There are many ways to release emotions, the important thing is to recognize the emotion as a signal that some need is not being met and some action must be taken.

Depending on the individual preferences on how to release the emotion may be found.

We can explore several and work together to find out which way or combination works best for you.​

​The way of action, the way of the heart, the way of knowledge all can give you tools to release emotions. Pick at least one and get to work !   If you are feeling temporarily overwhelmed make sure you reach out for help.  You are never alone.  

​​The idea is to begin a practice that ​can last a lifetime and transform. ​ ​​Some will be able to start on their own with some valuable resources and guidance, others may need a little initial lift.  

Go at your own pace and always proceed in joy.

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No Time for Meditation, Quiet or Inspiration?

​"​Don't say you don't have enough time.  You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein."

​--H. Jackson Brown, JR.


Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka

​Artist, meditator ​& Director of Beyond OUr BEst ​

Director Beyond Our Best, Worked over 30 years on a Psychology of Health and Happiness, Artist, Writer, Individual & Societal Change, Certified Yoga Teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices. Works with Individuals & International Organizations.

M.A.L.D. Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (admin in cooperation with Harvard), M.B.A. HEC, B.A. Amherst College, summa cum laude, Article 9 of Japanese Constitution. Keio University & Seishin Joshi Gakuin exchange.  ​SELF TAUGHT ARTIST.   ​Co-founded movement with 90 year old Belgian Philosopher and Poet, Dr. Paul Briot, who sees crisis as an opportunity to Re-Invent Ourselves and ART as a means to ​Elevate, Inspire and Transform. Works ​across disciplines including with ​Artists, Educators, Coaches, Scientists, Economists (including Nobel Prize), Doctors (over 30 years with ​Dr. Yukio Ishizuka on an Approach to Happiness, Excellence and ​Well-being), CEOs, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs​,  Diplomats ​facilitated with Yukio Ishizuka training ​and talks on excellence and well-being at EU Embassy TokyoBritish Embassy Tokyo, Harvard Club Tokyo​​​​and ​taught meditation ​to Ambassadors, Diplomats and their spouses at ​Yoga Studios and privately, ​assists Yogis to innovate across disciplines, practices creative brainstorming with scientists, including MIT professor​ and ​ Scientist Sahrawi Chaieb on an application of an alogorithm for Black Holes to Flat Screen Technology, ​creative brainstorming with Architects such as Toyo Ito on projects for Fishermen up north and children's park in Fukushima, ​meditated with ​Shaku-Hatchi Musician Masaki Nakamura to create 6 New Original Songs, ​​wrote and illustrated a fable for Nihon Buyo Master Wakayagi Sensei to create Kizuna Dance in Fukishima Theme Cafe, ​brainstormed with member of Japanese Cabinet with the ​founder of Suicide Prevention in Japan Yukio Saito for societal change, ​​assisted in bringing ​well-being, yoga, ​osteopathy and mental health training to innovate with joy at an Orphanage in Japan, work with Societal Visionaries ​on Fukushima and Crisis Spots ​-- ​those who who can change us from WITHIN. ​ Nathalie ​sought out and worked with artists for 4 years in Japan to work on project of Elevation in Art after crisis, Meditated for over 3 years with the Shodo Master Saiso Shimada 3-4x a week via skype (Tokyo - Singapore - Europe) to create a new art ​resulting in Shimada's works being published in Paul Briot's 2018 edition by Editions Caracteres. Facilitated several Exhibits by ​Shimada at the EU Private Residence in Tokyo, Private Gallery in Paris, a month long exhibit at the Japanese Embassy in Brussels, exhibits in Ginza Tokyo, and upon rendez vous only soon in the first Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Nathalie's own artistic works have been shown in two month long exhibits in New York, Beijing China, In EU Tokyo Residence​, and in the Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Works across disciplines to create something entirely new. ​


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