Private Coaching


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Location Rivervalley

YOGA & MEDITATION, 1 PRIVATE SESSION, 60 Minutes, $130 USD or $180 SGD at Rivervalley or via Skype.   This class is ideal for those who are new to asanas (posture) or meditation, combining both in an effective integrated system of yoga known as Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) by Yogani.  Integrating gentle asana (posture), pranayama and meditation right from the start, AYP covers all of the eight limbs of yoga.  Suitable to all levels including beginners and yoga teachers.  The class will begin with simple gentle asanas and end with a short 10-20 minute meditation.

LIFE COACH (WORK/SELF/RELATIONSHIP BALANCE),  1 PRIVATE SESSION 60 Minutes, $175 US or $240 SGD.  When we need to go beyond our best.  Life Balance.  Balancing self, intimacy and achievement.  Stress and Overcoming Obstacles.  Nathalie worked for over 25 years learning Lifetrack therapy, a method of positive mental health developed by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka.  This is an educational approach only to bring a new perspective, therapy is done by Dr. Yukio Ishizuka and is usually a 3 to six month process that involves transformational change.

RELATIONSHIP (COUPLE) COACH,  1 PRIVATE SESSION 120 Minutes, $400 SGD for 2 Hour Session that Includes Meditation.  When we need to go beyond our best in our Relationship and In Meditation.  Life Balance that focuses on a new educational perspective on intimacy to make a breakthrough.   Based on LifeTrack for Couples ( and on AYP ( for Meditation.   Each approach is practiced separately but together (intimacy in a couple) and meditation, they are a powerful duo for fundamental transformational life change.

MEDITATION + CORE COMPETENCE COACH, 1 PRIVATE SESSION, $400 SGD for 2 Hour Session that Includes Meditation.  When we, we need to go beyond our best in our core competence.  For those who want to see a breakthrough in a core competence (business, relationship, health or other), I suggest a meditation + core competence session to start you off.  Meditation alone can help you go far Beyond a Previous Best but this takes time and daily practice.  The individual coaching that includes a core competence is meant to help you understand and combine meditation and your life practice as you go beyond your best.

THE VISIONARY LEADER I, II.   Enrollment Visionary Leader Closed.  Get on the Wait List. 

Visionary Leader I , II   A one year mastery program to change oneself creating the foundation to go beyond one’s best in one’s field or expertise, this includes a 1 Full Day VIP day Singapore + weekly hour session skype over 9 months.  To explore going beyond one’s best  an ambitious project must be presented that has an element of service for others.  This program is for geniuses, mavicks, innovators, CEOs and talented leaders of their field who want to contribute something to the world and are eager for the adventure of a lifetime and then some.  You may apply for the program or may be invited.  A service to others is a necessary pre-requisite for approval.

Can re-apply to continue program for a second year.