Private Coaching

Private Coaching Yoga & Meditation


What to Bring for Private Lessons:  Water Bottle, Mat, Towel, Comfortable Clothes
Location:  97 Robertson Quay, Rivergate Condo (Outside in Shade Near Sky Gym)

Private Lesson Single:  $180

Private Lesson ZEN Pack:  4 in a Month $120 each Lesson (4 lessons = $480).  Paid in Full at First Lesson.

Private Lesson in Monthly Pass Holders: $120SGD for each lesson.

Private Lesson SCHOLARSHIP Pack: 3 Month Membership for Committed Students Special Fee $60 a Lesson.  Paid $720 in full first lesson.  Limited Availability.  Deserving student who practices regularly.  Weekdays only before 4pm.

Limited to One Individual a Month who Shows Practice Commitment & can not join regular class times. Depends on Availability.  Same Time WeekDay Before 3pm.  No Make Ups Possible nor re-embursements for missed lessons.

Contact Reservation and Advanced Payment Required:, Tel: 964 27640

For Cancellation prior 48 hours notice necessary or full payment required.

Private Coaching Life Balance



Reservation Required
Location : RiverGate Condo (we will meet at entrance of Block 97 and go to a Nearby Cafe on the water).

Availability: Tuesdays 12.30-3.30pm

LIFE COACH,  1 PRIVATE SESSION 60 Minutes, $250 SGD or $185 US each session.  Beyond Our Best.  Life Balance.  Stress, Obstacles, and Breakthrough.  Overcoming Stress & Balancing self, intimacy and achievement beyond a previous best is based on Dr. Yukio Ishizuka’s life work (see wikipedia) and Lifetrack  for which Nathalie has worked for over 25 years.  This is an educational perspective for those who are willing and able to change their lives by taking insightful action.  It is not therapy nor full transformation of personality which in Lifetrack therapy an intensive 6 months process requiring at least 2 hour weekly sessions and certain conditions to be met such as working with a committed life partner.

My approach for improving recognition, perspective, decision and action in key areas of our life is to provide 5 sessions to facilitate clarity and a new perspective for insightful decisions and action :

  1. Self :  Assessment of Situation to go Beyond a Previous Best & Introduction to a New Perspective
  2. Stress & Obstacles: What is Your Pattern?
  3. Intimacy: Recognizing Defenses & Building Personal Relationships Beyond a Previous Best
  4. Achievement: Re-imagining Your Work Inside Out to Go Beyond a Previous Best
  5. Balance & Stages of Transformation:  Bringing Self, Intimacy & Achievement Together to go Beyond a Previous Best
  6. Complementary Meditation Session to Facilitate Inner & Outer Transformation (Gift Value $180)

For those who complete all 5 sessions, I will offer a free complementary one hour 6th session on Meditation that can enable you to ease the transformation process and with daily practice remain joyful no matter what the outside circumstances.  Each session is intensive and time may be needed to integrate and work on each area in one’s life.  Please take your time and pace your growth.

The above 5 sessions should provide you with a new perspective and recognition for which to start a life long transformation process to make life balance and transformation possible.

For those requiring Lifetrack therapy and capable of commiting to an intensive 6 month program (meeting initial conditions for successful change), I can refer you to Dr. Yukio Ishizuka who treats clients around the world on skype including top CEOs who may overstretch current capacity.  To go Beyond Your Best requires a full transformation of personality and commitment to change often with a committed partner who can stay in your life long after therapy ends.

Nathalie Ishizuka has applied health and healthy assumptions about human beings and Lifetrack therapy to many fields including economics, negotiation (Harvard Law Winter Negotiation Program), international affairs and business.

RELATIONSHIP (COUPLE) COACH,  1 PRIVATE SESSION 60 Minutes, $250 SGD for one $350 for Couple Session.  Beyond Your Best Intimacy.  Life Balance focusing on intimacy and overcoming common defenses for a new recognition on how to breakthrough in all spheres of life.  Based on LifeTrack for Couples.  This session provides a new and often lifechanging perspective on intimacy.  Since this is not full lifetrack therapy (which requires 6 months with a committed partner and certain key conditions for success) I recommend you to accompany the coaching session with a meditation practice to accompany one’s life long journey to love (based on AYP ( for Meditation.

Each discipline is practiced separately but together they bring maximum impact.  Cost of Meditation Session is an additional $180 and can follow the Relationship Session if scheduled in advance.

WORK VISION COACH, GO BEYOND YOUR CORE COMPETENCE, 1 PRIVATE SESSION $250.  Beyond Your Best AchievementFor those who want to create an opening or a breakthrough in a core competence, an area of speciality or career (artists be ready to show full art portfolio, business recommended to bring key work challenge or idea, entrepreneurs bring executive summary of idea).  The key to this session is brainstorming on your strengths and what you really want to do with your life.  This is not lifetrack therapy but a creative brainstorming process on the life you wish to lead based on your strengths or ideas you may have.

I recommend you to accompany the coaching session with a meditation practice to accompany one’s life long journey to create (based on AYP ( for Meditation.  Each discipline is practiced separately but together they bring maximum impact.  Cost of Meditation Session is an additional $180 and can follow the Work Vision Session if scheduled in advance.

PLEASE NOTE:  For Cancellation for private sessions prior 48 hours notice necessary or full payment required.

Advanced Programs for Visionary Leaders


THE VISIONARY LEADER I, II.   Enrollment Visionary Leader Closed.  Get on the Wait List.  Program Full.   Monday-Friday 6.00pm-7.00pm Via Skype.

Visionary Leader I , II   A one year mastery program to change oneself creating the foundation to go beyond one’s best in one’s field or expertise, this includes a 1 Full Day VIP day Singapore + weekly hour session skype over 9 months.  To explore going beyond one’s best  an ambitious project must be presented that has an element of service for others.  This program is for geniuses, mavicks, innovators, CEOs and talented leaders of their field who want to contribute something to the world and are eager for the adventure of a lifetime and then some.  You may apply for the program or may be invited.  A service to others is a necessary pre-requisite for approval.

Can re-apply to continue program for a second year.