Private Coaching

Private Coaching Yoga & Meditation


To be effective meditation coaching should be twice weekly, once weekly is a minimum.



Once a week private lessons are sufficient if there is a strong commitment to practice by the student regularly on their own and the capacity of the student to attend at least one of the regular classes per week.


Intermediate-Advanced meditators (6 months and meditate daily) can take classes on topics of interest and need less class or coaching participation.  Please see lessons and topics below.  After regular practice and taking the advanced topics one can apply for the visionary program.  No guarantees as limited enrollment.


Those in the advanced visionary program are either advanced meditators (several years of daily meditation),  visionaries in their field of expertise with litttle meditation experience, or ideally a combination of both advanced meditators and visionaries (this is the case of Saiso Shimada currently in the program).

This program is devised individually to break new ground in a chosen field.  Members follow individual coaching 3-4x a week and are selected for the impact they may play on society.

What to Bring for Private Lessons Rivervalley Singapore:  Water Bottle, Mat, Towel, Comfortable Clothes
Location:  97 Robertson Quay, Rivergate Condo (Outside in Shade Near Sky Gym)

Private Lesson Single (only one allowed as trial):  $180

Private Lesson Meditation Coaching (1 a week minimum):  4 in a Month $120 each Lesson (4 lessons = $480).  Paid in Full at First Lesson.  Lessons are minimum once a week for meditation coaching to be effective, beginners 2 twice a week strongly suggested.  Regular time slot to be determined with student.  You can instead of taking private lessons, attend the morning class or combine private coaching with class.

Private Lesson Meditation Coaching (2x week): 8 in a Month $120 each lesson (8 lessons = $960).  Paid in Full at First Lesson.  Regular time slot to be determined with student.  Limited spots available.  Skype is an option for one of the classes, but usually only if intermediate-advanced.

Private Lesson in Monthly Pass Holders: $120SGD for each lesson.

Private Lesson SCHOLARSHIP Pack: 3 Month Membership for Committed Students Special Fee $60 a Lesson.  Paid $720 in full first lesson.  Limited Availability.  Deserving student who practices regularly.  Weekdays only before 4pm.  Limited to One Individual a Month who Shows Practice Commitment, financial concerns & can not join regular class times. Depends on Availability.  Same Time WeekDay Before 3pm.  No Make Ups Possible nor re-embursements for missed lessons.  Must fill form to apply.

Contact Reservation and Advanced Payment Required:, Tel: 964 27640

For Cancellation prior 48 hours notice necessary or full payment required.

Private Coaching Life Balance



Reservation Required
Location : RiverValley, Singapore

LIFE COACH,  1 PRIVATE SESSION 60 Minutes, $250 SGD or $185 US.  Life Balance, Overcome Stress & Obstacles, Breakthrough.   Based on Dr. Yukio Ishizuka’s life work (see wikipedia) and Lifetrack for which Nathalie has worked for over 25 years.  This is an educational perspective for those willing and able to change by taking insightful action.

Choose Individual One Session or Chose a 7 session PACKAGE:  One Session $250,  Package of 7 Available $180 each total payable at the first session.

  1. Self :  Assess to go Beyond a Previous Best
  2. Stress & Obstacles: What is Your Pattern?
  3. Intimacy: Recognizing Defenses & Building Personal Relationships Beyond Best
  4. Achievement: Re-imagining Your Work Inside Out to Go Beyond a Previous Best
  5. Balance & Stages of Transformation:   Self, Intimacy & Achievement
  6. Meditation to Facilitate Inner & Outer Transformation
  7. Health Overall System

WORK VISION COACH, GO BEYOND YOUR CORE COMPETENCE, 1 PRIVATE SESSION $250.  Beyond Your Best AchievementFor those who want to create an opening or a breakthrough in a core competence, an area of speciality or career (artists be ready to show full art portfolio, business recommended to bring key work challenge or idea, entrepreneurs bring executive summary of idea).  The key to this session is brainstorming on your strengths and what you really want to do with your life.  This is a creative brainstorming process on the life you wish to lead based on your strengths or ideas you may have.

I recommend you to accompany the coaching session with a meditation practice to accompany one’s life long journey to create (based on AYP ( for Meditation.  Each discipline is practiced separately but together they bring maximum impact.  Cost of Meditation Session is an additional $180 and can follow the Work Vision Session if scheduled in advance.

PLEASE NOTE:  For Cancellation for private sessions prior 48 hours notice necessary or full payment required.



The Regular Rivergate class is set for 60 minutes and is compact and created for maximum effectiveness and for a whole group to work together.  For those wishing to advance further or to go deeper into a variety of topics, special topics are included in the Workshop Section of this site (including samyama).  These are add ons that can be added when the student is ready and has progressed far enough that the topic is meaningful.  Each student will progress at their own level.  The student may ask if he or she is ready for a topic or the teacher may let them know.

For students who wish to go deeper in yoga, these private sessions are offered to tailor to the student’s needs and also to their current level of practice and expertise.  In this manner we can keep a core practice open to all students in the class and also offer a chance for individual further deepening and progression at each students own rate and level.

More About Each Topic and Future Ones (Ask for Private Lesson 60 Minute):

  1. Deep Meditation Fundamentals & Technique (Core Common Class at Rivergate Offered to All)

This meditation creates inner silence and is the key to changing your nervous system so you can experience inner silence not only during meditation but increasingly during activity during the day.  It is the fundamental that will allow you to experience anything far beyond your best.  We will explain the mechanics of the meditation and questions on what you may experience during this meditation as well as how to make it a daily habit.

  1. Asanas Basic Routine (Relaxing the Body for Meditation)

Most of what we know about yoga are the funny positions we see people twisting and turning into in yoga studios.  However, these were only meant to be 1/8 of yoga and used in an entirely different manner than today – preparing us for meditation.  To be effective asanas should be light stretching and no more than 10 minutes prior to meditation.  We will learn a series of effective asanas to do before the pranayama and meditation that intensify the effects of meditation and will make your entry point easier.  We will also learn a 3 min version for the airplane or when you are travelling that you can do standing up.  We can go deeper into each one and ensure you are doing them correctly or make adjustments.

  1. Fitting Meditation Practices in Daily Routine

This workshop will examine how and when to meditate; how many times daily, how to self pace, scheduling in meditation into our lives, best times to practice, and re-inforce previous lessons including why we practice twice a day, and how to fit meditation in even on the busiest days or when surrounded by family or obligations.

  1. Self-Pacing

The Art of Progressing Joyfully

We will discuss how we can modify times or durations of practices and why we are only adding one practice at a time gradually building up to a full practice.  We will discuss some signals that we may be doing too much yoga or not giving our nervous system enough time to integrate the benefits of yoga.

How to balance purification with joy is the art of this inner game.  We will learn also what to do when we find ourselves overwhelmed and how to adjust and integrate our practices for a lifetime of joy.

  1. Spinal Breathing Pranayama

“Cultivating the Soil of your Nervous System”

This simple pranayama (spinal breathing pranayama) is done before the “I AM” Meditation.  This is a practice that can spiritually help you gain many years of advancement in each sitting.   What you have been doing up to now in meditation is awakening a silent seed.  Pranayama will cultivate the soil of your nervous system.

Using breath and mind we will do selective purification of a particular channel in your nervous system that plays a leading role in the rise of enlightment (enlightment is a state of balanced union between inner bliss consciousness and involvement on this earth).  You need to combine both the meditation and the pranayama together.

  1. Mulabandha “Root Lock”

Enlivening Energy Upwards

Mulabandha means “root lock” and enlivens energy upwards.  It is associated with the lower level of the spinal nerve and muladhara chakra.  It is not recommended unless daily practice of both pranayama and meditation or else you may not get much from it.

This lock moves the energy upwards from the pelvic region and can after time contribute to pleasure or inner luminosity.  Initially though it also helps to ensure that energy does not escape from the pelvic region.  When done dynamically by contracting and releasing rhythmically it is called asvani mudra.

  1. Shambhavi Mudra

Purifying Our Control Center

Shambavi means happiness.  It is associated with the third eye (ajna chakra) and one of the most important means by which the third eye is opened.  This mudra stimulates and purifies the ajna chakra (control center for yoga) regulating the flow of ecstatic energy through the body.

Whereas mulabandha stimulated the lower portion of the spinal nerve (sushumna) to enliven energy upwards, now we are stimulating the top end of the spinal nerve and begin to make a connection there leading to the beginning of “ecstatic conductivity” of the senses moving inwards.

  1. Enhanced Series Asanas

For Days we Need to Align the Body

In this practice we will do a full hour of yoga asanas for the times when you may wish to have a fuller individual self practice.  These are additional asanas beyond the basic ones introduced in the introduction course for when we may have more time to practice or wish to spend more time balancing the body.

After the asanas we will do pranayama, meditation and rest.  The full practice including the basic meditation can be done in 90 minutes.

  1. Siddhasana or “Seat of the Perfected Ones”

Contributing to Rising Bliss

Siddhasana means “seat of the perfected ones” and is considered in the hatha yoga pradipika (the bible of hatha yoga) as the king of all asanas.  It is an “aggressive” or strong sitting practice that stimulates prana (energy) in the body which can contribute to rising bliss but also to more purification of the bodies nervous system so needs to be done with regular basic practices.

  1. Uddiyana Bandha

Assisting Energy Rising Up

Uddiyana bandha (abdominal lock) means to “fly up.” This bandha is associated with the lower and middle level of the spinal nerve, swadisthana and manipura chakras.  Performed as a stand alone practice during asana practice, it may occur automatically during sitting practices.  This practice combines with mula bandha assist in the rising of energy from the pelvic area upwards.

  1. Yoni Mudra Kumbhaka

Enlivening Every Part of Our Nervous System

Yoni mudra means “seal of the goddess” and is a very strong technique that opens every part of our nervous system and draws energy up at the same time.  It produces large amounts of purification in the body and cultivates the subtle habits of ecstatic biological functioning within us.  This mudra purges too the third eye and more.

  1. Shatkarmas

Cleansing Inner Channels of the Body

Shatkarmas are specific cleansing techniques that are targeted toward the inner channels of the body particularly the gastrointestinal GI tract, nasal passages and sinuses which have a significant impact on the flow of neurobiological energy throughout the body.  The six shatkarmas are dhauti, basti, neti, trataka, nauli and kapalabhati.  We will discuss a few and practice one together.

  1. Kechari Mudra

“To Fly Through Inner Space” The Rise of Escstatic Bliss

The connection we make at the top of the sushumna (ida and pingala meet near nasal passages) so in ketchari which stimulates this region we bring up ecstatic conductivity more than any other practice.  It illuminates the entire nervous system.  Ketchari is a perfect companion to shambavi and we will only prepare for the beginning stage I (there are four stages).

  1. Samyama

Stillness in Action

Samyama is one of the most powerful yogic techniques that can only arise after inner silence in meditation is achieved.  Meditation allows us to clear out the obstructions in the subconscious mind and developing a clear awareness of our inner silence.  With samyama we are acting directly within our inner silence to produce an outflow of positive effects that purify our nervous system and surroundings in powerful ways – to external manifestation.

The Samyama “sutras” proposed by AYP will allow you to create an incredible balance within prepared for just about anything.

Advanced Program Visionary Leader


After regular practice and taking once weekly for 2 years of advanced topics one can apply for the visionary program. No guarantees as limited enrollment due to time intensive time commitment by both parties.


Those in the advanced visionary program are either advanced meditators (several years of daily meditation), visionaries in their field of expertise with litttle meditation experience, or ideally a combination of both advanced meditators and visionaries (this is the case of Saiso Shimada in the current intensive program).

This program is devised individualy to break new ground in a chosen field. Members follow individual coaching 4x a week by skype and are selected for the impact they may play on society.  Once a year meetings for a full week required or equivalent or two full day private workshops 2x a year to accompany weekly skype meetings.

THE VISIONARY LEADER I, II.   Enrollment Visionary Leader Closed.  Get on the Wait List. Program Full.   Monday-Friday 6.00pm-7.00pm via Skype.

Visionary Leader I , II   A one year mastery program to change oneself creating the foundation to go beyond one’s best in one’s field or expertise, this includes a 1 Full Day VIP day Singapore + weekly hour session skype over 9 months.  To explore going beyond one’s best  an ambitious project must be presented that has an element of service for others.  This program is for geniuses, mavicks, innovators, CEOs and talented leaders of their field who want to contribute something to the world and are eager for the adventure of a lifetime and then some.  You may apply for the program or may be invited.  A service to others is a necessary pre-requisite for approval.

Can re-apply to continue program for a second year.