Bio-Energetic Gourmet

Optimizing Energy: Geo-biology and Bio-Energy the art of harmonizing space within and around oneself.

Bio-Energetic Gourmet

As a meditation teacher who is fascinated by bio-energy (optimizing fields of energy around and within the body) and as a Franco-Japanese gourmet Vegetarian Chef, I share with you Tastes of Beyond — recipes, visual ideas and in good time hints on how to help you select food that is not only beautiful, but full of energy and life.

Life Force: Optimal Energy, Taste and Ingredients

Japanese Vegetarian Organic Soba
Steamed Moringa Superfood with Ghee & Salt, Red Bulghur Wheat, Red Beets, Red Split Beans

Vegetarian Curry with Cilantro, Fresh Roquette Salade, Fruit of the Day
Lentil and Pumpkin Soup with Home Made Yoghurt & Fresh Cilantro, Salade, Fruits
Healthy Snack with Home Made Beet Smoothie
Cold Pressed Green Juice (Romaine, Red Lettuce, Green Pepper, Watercress, Green Apple)
Take the Plunge: Eat to Live Optimally & Enjoy Life to the Maximum