On-Line Training

Step 1: Select Your Area of Interest

1. AYP Meditation (Central to All Programs) English, French or AYP for Japanese

2. Visionary Art & Meditation (For leaders in the fields of shodo, noh, nihon buyo, sumie, architecture, film, opera, manga, literature..)

3. Youth & Meditation (Age 18 + meditation experience not needed but either strong martial art background or visionary/genius in a field)

4. Shodo & Meditation (Taught with Saiso Shimada in workshops or with online Shodo videos by Shimada)

5. Yokata (Kids & Adults Learning Kanji the Spiritual Way!). Visual memory maps, concentration techniques, meaning, efficiency in time.

6. Bio-Gourmet (Energy and Food) from a Franco-Japanese Family of Chefs creating Vegetarian Meals & Training Chefs who Understand Energy.

7. Science & Meditation (Visionaries in Scientific Fields who Meditate)

For Interest in Any of the Above: Please contact info@beyondourbest.com