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“Inner Silence is the core of all fundamental change and innovation,” says Ishizuka. “Unless we meditate consciously or unconsciously, for the most part we are just repeating the past. It is only through inner silence that we can re-invent ourselves and this world.”

“My mission is to see a world with an additional 10, 100 or 1000 people in each country who meditate at high levels and experience a competence in one field of expertise where they go far beyond a previous best. This includes CEOs, doctors, scientists, artists, engineers, diplomats, homemakers and world leaders. “Such an individual and collective journey may be just enough to transform ourselves and our world,” says Ishizuka.

What I am best at :  Identify genius in each of us and accompany it to reach new heights through inner silence, joy and a dedication to serving the world.

If you wish to serve the world with inner silence, joy and your talents, I will stand by you and share with you an adventure of a lifetime.