Meditation and You




Join a movement for changing ourselves and this world with inner silence, competence and joy.  For those interested in an adventure of a lifetime and then some, this is for you.

If you want to experience inner silence and joy and go far beyond a previous best in anything you have experienced to date, Nathalie would like to accompany you with tested techniques of meditation and one area of competence beyond a previous best.


Nations and organizations don’t change, only individuals do.  So before we can see the change we want to see in the world, we have to be that change.  It may not take many individuals in a nation to transform it.  If you can reach the right people at the right time, with a profound practice, change can occur.

Even people who meditate at very high levels but may not have anything to show for it ouwardly (many of the best meditators do not even tell others they meditate) they can be contributing to profound change in their family, in their organizations, their country and the world.

Inner silence is the core of all fundamental change and innovation.  Unless we meditate consciously or unconsciously, for the most part we are just repeating the past.  It is only through inner silence that we can re-invent ourselves and this world.

“My dream is to see a world with 10, 100 or 1000 people in each country meditate at high levels and experience a competence in one field of expertise where they go far beyond a previous best,” says Ishizuka.  “This includes CEOs, doctors, scientists, artists, engineers, diplomats, homemakers and world leaders.  Such an individual and collective journey may be just enough to transform ourselves and our world.”

“I believe it is.  Join me and millions of people who meditate already to create inner and outer change.”


YOGA IN SYNCH, INDIVIDUAL DROP-IN, $30 SGD, FRIDAY August 31st at 13.00pm.  Please arrive 12.45pm.

MEDITATION WORKSHOPS 2 HOURS, $100 SGD a person (4 people minimum)

MEDITATION + HEALTHY FOOD WORKSHOPS 2 HOURS, $100 SGD a person + $30 LUNCH (4 people minimum)


WHICH MEDITATION?  $150 US or $200 SGD.    Individual 1 Hour Private Session.  Is there a meditative practice right for you?  Most of us including most yoga teachers you will find in yoga studios fear meditation.  Before you get started, you need to find a meditative practice that is in line with you.  In this session we talk about your fears about meditation, doubts, experiences, and expectations as well as the time you are willing to commit.  We will also explore whether you want to apply meditation to a core competence.  We will conclude together a realistic individualized plan.   Having tested many forms of mediative practices and working with many schools of meditaton, as well as coming up with hurdles herself, Nathalie’s advice can save you years of wandering or putting meditation off for for when you may have “more time.”

SIT WITH ME  Individual 2 Hour Private Introduction to Meditation, Offered only Once, $250 US or $350 SGD.  Sometimes, we just need our hand held for the first time.  The first time I had a seated meditation I was with a Tibetain lama, a man who had meditated two times in an enclosed box for 49 days without light (this is a bit extreme), but sitting there for my first 20 and then 40 minute meditation with him and a small group of others convinced me that sitting for 20 minutes was not so hard.  If you have a limited budget, but just need to go through it once with someone doing the practice or have doubts that you can sit for 20 minutes, the one shot may be the right selection for you.  The first step is always the hardest as we step into the unknown.  I would like to make this step a beautiful moment.  I will also give you information on resources for you to continue meditation on your own with the best resources available on the net.

INNER SILENCE FOUNDATION I 5 Sessions of 1 Hour Private Meditation Coaching, Valid up to 1 Month $660 US or $900 SGD   ($130 US or $180 SGD a Session).  This is for those who want to start the practices that begin cleansing the nervous system for meditation.  This format  provides time for questions as we go along as well as doubts and sets the habit of time and place in meditation.  It is ideal for an individual who has found meditation in the past difficult, but who wants to do the practices necessary to build a foundation for inner silence.  The once a week practice with someone who has gone through the practice herself and who has kept a daily practice without ever having missed a day is invaluable. Completing this package allows you to repeat one more cycle when availability exists.   For those sure they wish to commit to the practice and want to ensure 2 months of un-interuped coaching classes Inner Silence Foundation II is recommended.

MEDITATION + CORE COMPETENCE  Individual Trial Session,  $250 US or $350 SGD.  Sometimes, we just need to experiment with something new.  For those who may not have a meditation practice and want to see a breakthrough in a core competence (business, relationship, health or other) , I suggest a meditation (30 min) + 30 minute core competence session.  Depending on what you share (part of your success depends on sharing things that matter most to you) you will open up new possibilities.  Once you meditate consistently and learn practices of deep meditation, you won’t need anyone to do this with you.  You will be capable to meditate and apply it to other areas of competence in your life with greater ease and confidence.

MEDITATION + CORE COMPETENCE TRAINING,  10 Sessions, Valid up to 2 Months $2200 US or $3000 SGD ($220 US or $300 SGD a Session), Good for committed individual who wants to make a difference.   This package was designed for two months of uninterrupted services to accompany you to do the practices for a long enough period to make progress in your core competence and to establish a foundation practice in meditation.  For a practice to become a daily habit and ingrained in your system it should be done for 6 to 8 weeks.

THE VISIONARY LEADER I AND II.   Enrollment Visionary Leader Closed.  Get on the Wait List. 

Visionary Leader I , II   A one year mastery program to change oneself creating the foundation to go beyond one’s best in one’s expertise, this includes a 1 Full Day VIP day Singapore + weekly hour session skype over 9 months.  To explore going beyond one’s best on an ambitious project must be presented.  This program is for geniuses, mavicks, innovators, CEOs and talented leaders of their field who want to contribute something to the world and are eager for the adventure of a lifetime and then some.  You may apply for the program or may be invited.  A service to others is a necessary pre-requisite for approval.

Can re-apply to continue program for a second year.