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Create, Expand, Love, Forgive, Envision, Heal, Balance, Awaken, Re-charge, Live.


​Will your Path be the Way ​of ​Action?

​The path of Action requires you to do practices two times a day for short periods of time.  It does not require any profound knowledge of yoga, meditation or any prior experience.  Just ​dedicated Action.

​"A field of sunflowers, moving sculptures.  The flowers converse, look after one another, bow in all directions.  Eyelids of suns.  Us."

-The three texts in the columns above are by Dr. Paul Briot, philosopher, poet &. professor of Comparative Religion. Published by Editions Caracteres, Le Rayonnant, l'Art Vers L'infini, 2018.

The last edition of the book involves QR codes that allow one to view the paintings, read the text and (with the convenience of your earphones) listen to the original music that goes with each painting in the book.

Do order your beautiful copy of this limited visionary edition ​(visual-musical poetry on a new art) from the editor online​ while the colored copies last. Estimated price 10 Euros while they last.

​"A white bobbin quivers.  It links earth and sky.  A thread unites man with God.  We are that thread."

- The three paintings in the columns above are by the Shodo Master Saiso Shimada created after meditating with Nathalie Ishizuka on Dr. Paul Briot's Text.  Shimada has been meditating for many years ​ Qigong (Kikou) and Zen​ and ​​began meditating about 3-4x weekly with Nathalie in an intensive ​training for ​over 3 years.

We meditated in Samyama on different texts and on different themes as taught by my Raja yoga teacher.  ​This method can be learned by other Artists using ​a step by step approach found in AYP (Advanced Yoga Practices) by Yogani.   Shimada also ​used with some of students the AYP method.

​"A purple cloud condenses into a rain of ideas."

- The original music pieces for the three paintings and texts in the columns above were created for each individual art ​piece ​by the Shakuhatchi Master Masaki Nakamura after meditating with Nathalie Ishizuka & Saiso Shimada. ​

We meditated in Samyama on different texts and paintings .  This method can be learned by other Artists using ​a step by step approach found in AYP (Advanced Yoga Practices) by Yogani. Talented masters or dedicated artists willing to train in meditation and to transform their art or discipline ​can contact Nathalie Ishizuka.

​Will Your Path be The Way of the Heart?

The path of the heart requires you to forget everything you know and release negative emotions and thoughts as they arise.  We learn to love ourselves unconditionally. This is the fastest route.  Constant love.

​Sun and Earth Unite

​A large acrylic painting by Nathalie Ishizuka ​with a meditation for the viewer that anchors the Earth and Sky for when you need to combine Vision with Balance and Grounding. This is for us dreamers to anchor our visions into the earth and in the present. Let us rise to inspired action.

​​​Man's Step Forward

​Man's Step Forward by Nathalie Ishizuka invites you to change your conception of a To Do List. Each step becomes the list in itself. Choose an intention, what you seek most, and ​​why ​move ​at all. It is not so much what you do, but how you do it that will transform your life.

​Energy South India

​Soak in the energy from Nathalie Ishizuka's stay in South India meditating with Sadhguru on a special night where the Indian Prime Minister and so many others ​were present. Harmonize the physical ​and spiritual.  Learn about different paths of the spirit. Find one that is suitable for you.

​Will Your Path be the Way of ​Knowledge?

The path of knowledge is for the curious who want to know how everything -- including the universe works.   This is experience based. Be ready to turn everything in your life updside down.  Everything.


​This painting by Nathalie Ishizuka is about the soul blossoming after March 11, 2011. ​ The 15 minute meditation works on self healing in deep ways that include regeneration of ​one's cells.  It allows us to get rid of the old outdated and polluted cellular information and to evolve to a new level. Ideal ​frequency is once a week.

​Awakening Energy

​This painting by Nathalie Ishizuka is about the spirit being as sharp as a sword -- and piercing three peaches. Each peach represents a crisis: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Fukushima.  The spirit transcends. ​This 10 minute meditation helps circulate Kundalini energy from the earth to your nadis and upper chakras. The ​meditation we do together adapts to your level.

​Vital Balance

​This painting by Nathalie Ishizuka is about the earth and its intimate link with the Sun (the eye).  ​This 15 minute meditation is done with a candle lit representing the sun and our own ​personal request that any blockages or self limitations that do not have to be made conscious are removed.  It can be done whenever you feel the need.  ​

Start Your Day with A Question

​​Ask Yourself ​this Question in Front of The Mirror in the Morning.  The Answer....Differs Every Day.   ​What is the question?  Come into the Gallery and Look Into Our Mirror.

Do Our Quiz to Find Out What Meditations ​Could ​Help Solve Your ​Most Pressing Problems Now.  Health?  Love?  Work?  Meaning?

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​6 Interactive Musical Meditative Paintings on Your Mobile.  Bring Your Earphones to Gallery! ​

​The Latest Texts on visionary art that will move your spirit by the Belgian Philosopher Dr. Paul Briot.   Meditative Paintings on these texts by Shodo Master Saiso Shimada. Original Music Created for Each ​Painting and Text by Masaki Nakamura.  

There are 7 more paintings by Saiso Shimada on 7 texts by Dr. Paul Briot which exist in Tokyo.  Help us bring them to Singapore to create a larger exhibit in an innovative museum ​in the hub of Asia.  ​

​​​The First Meditative Art Gallery.  Book Your Online Experience Now.

​Select Your Painting.  ​​Each has a different theme and a different meditative experience.  Release​​​ your emotions into the ground. Unwind any tensions accumulated.  Let ​a painting and short meditations ​ground ​​you.  ​Explore, see which painting Attracts You.  Choose to delve deeper into a few paintings depending on your preferences and time.  Make your life your own. As you dream it.  Take the first steps to create a life of inspired action and curiosity.  

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No Time for Happiness or Inner Silence?

​"​Don't say you don't have enough time.  You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein."

​--H. Jackson Brown, JR.

Embassy or ​Important Event Involving Asia, the Arts, Crisis & Change?  ​

Have ​our Director Present a New Elevated Art that Transforms Us All.  ​Art, the Use of Crisis for Transforemation,   New experiences as we Create Our own Path.

Can be as short as 20 Minutes to an Hour.  Set the Stage for ​Curiosity, for a​n Inspired ​Moment.

​Enjoy Inner Silence 

​Beauty of space -- both inner and outer-- combine for your experience of meditation as ​the art or life. Art workshops are also offered for those who want to create with their hands and not just with the spirit or heart.

​Explore ​One or Two Meditations ​Outside

​A few of the meditations ​release negative emotions. These should be ideally done outside on a terrace or outside in the garden. ​Outside practices are accessible for practioners depending on need and inclination.  For those healing from physical ailments, ​nature ​will nurture.  For those who can not go outside, just air out the room.

​A Sacred Space to Practice

​Finding it difficult to teach in a space that was consistently ​energized and ​where she could explore freely art (​as art and life can get messy!), Nathalie Ishizuka decided to ​share her personal space ​with a very small group of ​others committed to practice and to follow their, heart, mind and spirit.  

Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka

​Artist, meditator ​& Director of Beyond OUr BEst ​

Director Beyond Our Best, Worked over 30 years on a Psychology of Health and Happiness, Artist, Writer, Individual & Societal Change, Certified Yoga Teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices. Works with Individuals & International Organizations.

Contact: Info@BeyondOurBest.com

M.A.L.D. Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (admin in cooperation with Harvard), M.B.A. HEC, B.A. Amherst College, summa cum laude, Article 9 of Japanese Constitution. Keio University & Seishin Joshi Gakuin exchange.  ​SELF TAUGHT ARTIST.   ​Co-founded movement with 90 year old Belgian Philosopher and Poet, Dr. Paul Briot, who sees crisis as an opportunity to Re-Invent Ourselves and ART as a means to ​Elevate, Inspire and Transform. Works ​across disciplines including with ​Artists, Scientists, Economists (including Nobel Prize), Doctors (over 30 years with ​Dr. Yukio Ishizuka on an Approach to Happiness, Excellence and ​Well-being), CEOs, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs​,  Diplomats ​facilitated with Yukio Ishizuka training ​and talks on excellence and well-being at EU Embassy TokyoBritish Embassy Tokyo, Harvard Club Tokyo​​​​​ and ​taught meditation ​to Ambassadors, Diplomats and their spouses at ​Yoga Studios and privately, ​assists Yogis to innovate across disciplines, practices creative brainstorming with scientists, including MIT professor​ and ​ Scientist Sahrawi Chaieb on an application of an alogorithm for Black Holes to Flat Screen Technology, ​creative brainstorming with Architects such as Toyo Ito on projects for Fishermen up north and children's park in Fukushima, ​meditated with ​Shaku-Hatchi Musician Masaki Nakamura to create 6 New Original Songs, ​​wrote and illustrated a fable for Nihon Buyo Master Wakayagi Sensei to create Kizuna Dance in Fukishima Theme Cafe, ​brainstormed with member of Japanese Cabinet with the ​founder of Suicide Prevention in Japan Yukio Saito for societal change, ​​assisted in bringing ​well-being, yoga, ​osteopathy and mental health training to innovate with joy at an Orphanage in Japan, work with Societal Visionaries ​on Fukushima and Crisis Spots ​-- ​those who who can change us from WITHIN. ​ Nathalie ​sought out and worked with artists for 4 years in Japan to work on project of Elevation in Art after crisis, Meditated for over 3 years with the Shodo Master Saiso Shimada 3-4x a week via skype (Tokyo - Singapore - Europe) to create a new art ​resulting in Shimada's works being published in Paul Briot's 2018 edition by Editions Caracteres. Facilitated several Exhibits by ​Shimada at the EU Private Residence in Tokyo, Private Gallery in Paris, a month long exhibit at the Japanese Embassy in Brussels, exhibits in Ginza Tokyo, and upon rendez vous only soon in the first Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Nathalie's own artistic works have been shown in two month long exhibits in New York, Beijing China, In EU Tokyo Residence​, and in the Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Works across disciplines to create something entirely new. ​


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