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​​Eat:  ​The Way ​of ​Action

​The path of Action requires you to ​cook your own food, to buy natural products not in cans or boxes, use fresh herbs, less or little salt, no sugar and most importantly eat with joy and only when you are hungry.  80% Veggies & Fruits.  20% Other.  ​ 100% Joy and lots of Pure Water.

​Select ​Natural Ingredients

​​Some Fruits

​​Mostly Veggies

​Mostly Leafy Greens

​Fennel-Apple Salade

​Variety of Colors

​​Lentil Soup

​Beet Soup

​​Pot au Legumes

​Avocado Chapati

​Bento Boxes are Fun

​​​Cooked Veggies

​Roast Veggies no Oil, Add Ghee After

​Fruit is ​Colorful

​​Enjoy What You Eat


​All the pictures above are home cooked.  No special occasion.  Sometimes I am eating solo for lunch, but I take a little time to make something nice.  We don't usually follow recipes but rather inspiration and do with whatever veggies are in season or in our ​frig.  Go by color, desire, joy and ​whim.   Try to include something the kids will love (even a staple that may not be so healthy) with something new that they may only nibble on the first time.  Be patient, but slowly (may take a few years) try to get the family to eat similarily.  ​This is easier for the cook and everyone will share ​a similar ​energy base.   Be open, be creative, no rigidity.  No religious convictions.  This is joy.

​​Eat: The Way of the Heart

​Same rules as the path of action, but the path of the heart requires you to ​be ​in love with your body, all the ingredients you selected, to honor those who farmed them, picked them and experience each ingredient through the heart energetically.  When you do this you will find you will enjoy your food more, eat less ​​and celebrate all elements of this rich earth, a gift to your body.  ​You will also digest better.  Now you know why your mother's cooking taste's like no one else.  It is all about love.

​Eat Only if Hungry

​Moringa Super Food

​​​​Quick, Natural, Easy

​Create Like a Kid

​Eat what you Feel

​Have Options

​Kids Favorites ​​No Sugar Added

​​Veggie Sandwich ​& Sweet Potato Fries, Lentils, Fruit

​Red ​Quinoa Gyoza and Greens

​Veggie Fried Rice, Carrot-Apple Juice, Pumpkin Soup, Fruit

​​Veggie ​Quiche and Salade

​​Veggie Kebabs, Salade, Lentil Cup

​​​Different Textures

​Vegetable Ramen

​Zuchini & Carrot Pasta, Garlic ​Chapati

​​​​Bitter is ​Better

​Wild Salmon or Fish ​

​Hearty Salads

The Path of the Heart Involves Flexibility and Allowing Kids to Mix and Match Often with Compromise.  Pick something they love that may not be great for them but in a small portion (one Grilled Cheese on organic wholemeal bread, one Whole Wheat Pizza Slice) but then add a Large Plate of Greens, Lentils or ​a vegetable they do not know to vary the experience.

Go Slow Involve ​the family in the Food Planning, Preparation & Choices.  


​BHAKTI, devotion and the experience of intense love within that consumes us is a path of yoga ​in itself.  ​​Even if your food is not always organic, not always raw, not always perfect, if you select the vegetables with love, prepare with the eye of an artist, and take the time needed to enjoy ​chewing mindfully, the the food rises in energy and your ability to digest it also improves.  Occasionally, try eating in silence.  Savor one food at a time.  Look at its texture.   Be grateful.  Know where it came from, imagine those who grew it, bless the food, the water, the wine and celebrate.  Gratitude.  Joy.  Love. 

Choose ingredients with intuition listening to what your body has to say.  If you feel more energy after a meal, you made a good choice.  If you feel sleepy, next time pick better.  Remember not only the taste, but the energy you felt after you ate the food.  

​​Eat: The Way of ​Knowledge

The path of knowledge is for the curious who want to know how everything -- including the universe and the vibration of food works.   This is experience based. ​ We explore energy through food.  How to select, measure energy in food, elevate it, purify, transform and of course savor.  We may work with chefs on a specific topic or special diets for health such as Gerson, Ayurveda or just plain Veggie with the occasional exception for those needing some animal protein.  We become one with the food, before it even touches the palette.  Pure bliss!  

​Gerson Green Juice

​​Gerson Diet

​​Gerson Juice with Norwalk Juicer Live

​​​Gerson Meal

​Soup, Salade, Mung

​​​Moringa, Salade, Dahl, Fruits

​​​​Salade and Lentil Chapati

​​Raw Can Be ​Great

​Small is Beautiful

​​​​​Slow Cook is Tasty

​Simple is ​Super

​​Energy is Key


​​Knowledge in the field of energy is a life long pursuit and journey.  ​Flexibility and humility as well as child's play is key.  Religious food convictions not ​helpful.

While there are many different health diets, some of them are rather time consuming (but may be worth it depending on motivation and need).  For example, I tested the Gerson diet for more than ​18 months on me (meant for cancer patients with no sugar, no animal protein, 8 or more organic juices per day, no oil except flax oil, natural supplements, coffee enemas etc), and although it is a full time job -- on the level of energy, I found that on that diet I only needed 4 hours of sleep.  My energy peaked.  I never napped.  It was an amazing discovery.

Yet, if you are healthy an Ayurvedic diet may be more fit for you and your needs.  Raw is not always advised depending on your type although it provides optimal energy.

Food is a fun way to learn some elements of energy.  ​Knowledge about energy and food is for the advanced ​or the curious who want to pick high vibrational foods and want to elevate their energy and enjoy life or meditate at high levels.   I prefer not to stick to one type of diet, to give flexibility to the individual ​and ​to explore the vibrational elements in all foods.  ​

Lani Padilla Energetic Chef in Training

​Lani Padilla has trained 3 years as an in house Chef with Nathalie and is now ready for energy training.

Nathalie Ishizuka


Nathalie Ishizuka, is a daughter of a family of French chefs including her grandfather Andre Ducasse, who had 2 Michelin stars and ​invented recipes in the Larousse Dictionary.  Nathalie spent her summers in the South of France every year enjoying for three months her grandfather's cooking, the most exquisite home grown vegetables from the garden of the neighbors and farm fed animals they raised themselves.  ​No wonder at the age of 11, Nathalie's diary​ focused on food!

Nathalie later began at the age of 12 a cooking school with the help of her mother, ​Colette Ducasse Ishizuka who is also an advanced cook, an author of a cookbook, a chef ​who taught American, European and Japanese french cooking and a woman who has captivated the hearts of many with her food, company and great love and ​zest for life.

​Nathalie is known to never follow a recipe, nor to write recipes preferring to go with the moment.  In addition to her French family of chefs, she is influenced by her Japanese father's artistic attention to color, pattern and beauty.

​Nathalie, who believed she knew everything about food, learned ​by life ​that there was much she still did not know.

​After developing a tumor in her arm (and not knowing if it was cancerous or not), Nathalei learned and experimented with Gerson Therapy testing it on herself for over 18 months.  She also thanks to expert help of the yogi and Ayurvedic doctor Nirmal Gyawali learned about Ayurveda and followed his advice for several years ammending her Gerson diet to fit her individual meditative needs.  

Nathalie later explored some of Sadhguru's recipes (a great yogi) and learned about energy, the body and health from other teachers and diverse schools of energy.   She realizes now, that health comes not only from food and exercise, but a constant awareness of emotions, thoughts and above all loving oneself.  ​Today ​Nathalie relies on deep intuition and allows her body to choose what it needs most in the moment.

​Training an Excellent Energetic Chef

​​​​​Lani Padilla, my friend, helper and Chef in training has spent three years with me daily learning about food. This includes washing vegetables and fruits, purifying and blessing water, and using a Norwalk juicer, Vitamix blender and water distiller with ease.

​Lani's greatest trait is joy. She is also an artist with a great spirit as seen by her attention to detail, color and presentation.

​Lani has ​completed the path of action.  I hope now or in the future that we ​will have time to ​explore in more depth the path of the heart and in time the path of knowledge together.  

​My goal is to train at least one person in ​each discipline to a very high level so they in turn can teach others.  I think Lani can open a restaurant, train other helpers or people to cook, or develop a new way of life according to ​her own wishes.  

​Today Lani helps me selects foods, creates menus, and displays it with artistic talent.  ​Most of the foods in the above pictures were presented and prepared by Lani after three years of in house residence training​ in food with me and constant feedback.   Bravo Lani!   

My hope is we may create a school or future energetic chefs one day.  We will see what life holds.  Whatever Lani chooses to do, she will do well.

Lani is admired by all of Nathalie Ishizuka's ​friends as a great chef and an artist.  After finishing her training with Nathalie, Lani wants to return to the Philippines and open her own natural food and health store.  ​

Nathalie believes she is capable too of training other helpers in Singapore to eat and cook in a healthy manner or should ​Lani wish it, open her own healthy restaurant or do whatever she sets her mind to.

Lani loves to play the guitar and sing as she cooks. She is a pure joy to be around, and food is blessed by her happy presence.  ​Nathalie is most grateful to ​work with Lani and ​has had a beautiful journey together.

Bravo and thank you Lani! 

P.S.  Not to put pressure on other helpers in Singapore, Nathalie's children are older, and our family's focus is on gourmet living and food.  To take care of young children and do everything to Lani's capacity would be a stretch to say the least.

No Time for Making Your Own Food?

​"​Don't say you don't have enough time.  You have time and abundance to do all things of meaning." ​

-- Nathalie Ishizuka


Nathalie Leiko Ishizuka

​Artist, meditator ​& Director of Beyond OUr BEst ​

Director Beyond Our Best, Worked over 30 years on a Psychology of Health and Happiness, Artist, Gourmet Chef, Writer, Individual & Societal Change, Certified Yoga Teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices. Works with Individuals & International Organizations.

Contact: Info@BeyondOurBest.com

M.A.L.D. Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy (admin in cooperation with Harvard), M.B.A. HEC, B.A. Amherst College, summa cum laude, Article 9 of Japanese Constitution. Keio University & Seishin Joshi Gakuin exchange.  ​SELF TAUGHT ARTIST.   ​Co-founded movement with 90 year old Belgian Philosopher and Poet, Dr. Paul Briot, who sees crisis as an opportunity to Re-Invent Ourselves and ART as a means to ​Elevate, Inspire and Transform. Enjoys vibrant cooking, good company, food and the art of life.  Taught cooking at age 12, From a Family of French Guide Michelin Chefs, Inspired by Japanese art and presentation.  Tested food programs such as Gerson (Cancer), Ayurveda on heself.   Works ​across disciplines including with Artists, Educators, Chefs, Coaches. Scientists, Economists (including Nobel Prize), Doctors (over 30 years with ​Dr. Yukio Ishizuka on an Approach to Happiness, Excellence and ​Well-being), CEOs, Businessmen & Entrepreneurs​,  Diplomats ​facilitated with Yukio Ishizuka training ​and talks on excellence and well-being at EU Embassy TokyoBritish Embassy Tokyo, Harvard Club Tokyo​​​​​ and ​taught meditation ​to Ambassadors, Diplomats and their spouses at ​Yoga Studios and privately, ​assists Yogis to innovate across disciplines, practices creative brainstorming with scientists, including MIT professor​ and ​ Scientist Sahrawi Chaieb on an application of an alogorithm for Black Holes to Flat Screen Technology, ​creative brainstorming with Architects such as Toyo Ito on projects for Fishermen up north and children's park in Fukushima, ​meditated with ​Shaku-Hatchi Musician Masaki Nakamura to create 6 New Original Songs, ​​wrote and illustrated a fable for Nihon Buyo Master Wakayagi Sensei to create Kizuna Dance in Fukishima Theme Cafe, ​brainstormed with member of Japanese Cabinet with the ​founder of Suicide Prevention in Japan Yukio Saito for societal change, ​​assisted in bringing ​well-being, yoga, ​osteopathy and mental health training to innovate with joy at an Orphanage in Japan, work with Societal Visionaries ​on Fukushima and Crisis Spots ​-- ​those who who can change us from WITHIN. ​ Nathalie ​sought out and worked with artists for 4 years in Japan to work on project of Elevation in Art after crisis, Meditated for over 3 years with the Shodo Master Saiso Shimada 3-4x a week via skype (Tokyo - Singapore - Europe) to create a new art ​resulting in Shimada's works being published in Paul Briot's 2018 edition by Editions Caracteres. Facilitated several Exhibits by ​Shimada at the EU Private Residence in Tokyo, Private Gallery in Paris, a month long exhibit at the Japanese Embassy in Brussels, exhibits in Ginza Tokyo, and ​online soon in the first private Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Nathalie's own artistic works have been shown in two month long exhibits in New York, Beijing China, In EU Tokyo Residence​, and in ​a private Meditative Gallery in Singapore.  Works across disciplines to create something entirely new. ​

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