AYP Yoga & Meditation Classes : Develop Focus, Will and Joy

Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced, inclulding yoga teachers

Join our Yoga & Meditation Classes or Workshops in Singapore and put your mind on “silent mode” with Nathalie Ishizuka, a certified teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices AYP (200 hour meditation, asana, pranyama, samyama training) backed by the Yoga Alliance).  Nathalie, a Franco-Japanese yogi from New York (Director of the movement Beyond Our Best) has been practicing advanced yoga techniques including samyama for the last seven years daily.

Integrating asana (posture) practice with pranayama and meditation, Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) covers all of the eight limbs of yoga.  Advanced Yoga Practices by Yogani ( focuses on deep meditation right from the start so that moments of silence and inner joy can permeate your life.  The full integrated yoga system includes practices that can be taken on by people who are new to yoga and takes people all the way through, to gradually build up an advanced level yoga practice including samyama — stillness in action.

Experience Greater Inner Silence and Joy

AYP is a particularly strong and effective approach where advanced stages can be reached by practicing for short durations twice daily.  It is for active individuals with responsibilities who seek more out of life including inner silence, joy and increased effectiveness.  People who are busy will find this method ideal in its effectiveness.


CLASS    Early Bird (Time/Day):  Tuesdays

7.05 am-8.00 am RSVP WhatsApp (+65) 964 27640 Required day before prior at the latest 8pmPlease await confirmation if you send it just the night prior.  Strongly advised to send earlier.

Join Rivergate Condo Meditation WhatsApp: (+65) 964 27640 to be notified of last minute changes, promotions, free events.

What to bring: Pilates/Yoga Mat, towel, water.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes in advance to get settled in time for class.

Notes/Cost: $22 SGD session. Cash only (no machine).

Fitness Level: Suitable from Beginner to Advanced Yoga Teacher

Instructor: Nathalie Ishizuka, Registered Yoga Alliance instructor RYT 200

Location Rivergate Condo 97 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238257:   Outside on terrace area of Blk 99 near the sky gym in the shade).

On Patio in Shade Facing River Near Unit 99

Bring Your Mat & Pillow to Sit

Rivergate Condo Yoga Meditation Our First Class From Taken From ABOVE.  Enjoy River Nearby & Energy.