Use Crisis

Using Crisis for Individual & Societal Change

When things are going very well we are rarely open to new ideas or to change.  Crisis, if used appropriately, can move both individuals and nations in a positive direction by serving as a necessary trigger for fundamental change.  By using individual and societal crisis as a trigger for building greater comprehension, compassion, liberation and realization, we can make an individual and collective difference.


Using Individual and National Crisis for Transformational Change

The goal for individuals and national growth is somewhat similar: to use each crisis to elevate ourselves further.

While setbacks are inevitable, if we use each setback to grow to greater heights of knowledge, compassion, liberation and realization than ever before, the general trend will be upwards.  We will still experience important setbacks along the way but we will be learning from our mistakes and difficulty, rather than merely suffering or repeating them.  To innovate however — merely than rather than repeat the past — requires  individuals to draw on their intuition or capacity to meditate and experience silence and focus.

To assist in this process Beyond Our Best works with meditators and innovative Japanese artists, citizens, experts and decision makers involved in Japanese art, culture, and society who wish to incite and innovate by example.  Both in small and large ways we can individually and collectively use our setbacks for greater individual and national growth.

Letter to Japanese Friends

A letter to Japanese friends contains a poetic vision of how artists, citizens and decision makers could together define a new Japan.  English, Japanese and French Available.

Individual Change

How will a greater sense of individual well-being (peace, friendliness, physical well-being, happiness and mastery) influence talented Japanese artists and citizens?  Will their art and creations inspire with a joy that transcends and lifts?

National Change

For a new philosophy in face of natural and man-made crisis to take hold, we have to go beyond words (words alone tend to put the Japanese asleep).  That is why we work with talented Japanese artists who can turn a philosophy into a shared collective experience.

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