Bio-Energetic Self Healing

Healing Ourselves to Go Beyond Our Best

Photo by Stephen Hume on Unsplash

We are the only ones who can heal ourselves. Before we change anything, we will be challenged to transform ourselves. Using our energy to heal and love ourselves, our environment and the world is part of this process.

Measuring Energy for Transformation

Clairsentience, the ability to perceive and interpret the movements of our bodies and subtle organs through touch, is something we can all be trained to do. We can use it to measure our energy, that of our food, heal ourselves and alleviate or assist those around us including our family or loved ones.

Naturally, we can not help everyone and we will let you know in advance if your concern is something we may be able to provide assistance in alleviating through energy work. Energy can better help us understand the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual elements and limitations that affect us and shape our daily existence.

Difference Between Meditation Training and Energy Healing

In meditation some meditators will begin to experience subtle energy and its healing qualities. But they may not be able to communicate it, share it or teach others to experience nor measure it. Nor is the ultimate goal of meditation to heal. Bioenergetics healing sessions are used to assist us as we learn to meditate by elevating our vital or subtle energy and clearing away blockages that hold us back. A session can help detect several kinds of troubles that affect or limit the vital energy of individuals.

We Can Only Heal if We Remove the Causes

We search to find the causes of problems to alleviate the individual of a cause (thought, emotion, physical element, energetic, spiritual, environmental) to avoid its reproduction in the future in a similar or different expression. We do not seek to create a dependency nor a cure for a symptom. When it is in our capacity and experience, we hope to assist you to heal yourself and bring your energy at its height. For when you are at your best, so will be your meditation and what you create in this world.

Energy work is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, but a complementary aid that is not found in traditional medicine.

Cost: Initial Consultation is 2 Hours is 250 SGD

Please provide birthdate, recent full body picture and desired focus of session to evaluate whether this method is appropriate for you. Session in person or at a distance. Not all requests can be accepted.

Consultations after the initial consultation are 120 SGD

Normally one need not more than one consultation every few months. Often one session is sufficient. The hope is that you develop your own potential to heal, to meditate, and to go beyond your best and to maintain a higher vibration of energy that facilitates not only inner calm, focus, and peace, but all things. We are all capable of training ourselves on this path with daily and moment to moment focus and practice.

Contact: for more information or call +65 964 2760 for an appointment.