AYP 5 Min Muscle Toning

5-10 Minute Muscle Toning ANYWHERE

Who Doesn’t Have 5 Minutes? Nathalie — (yes me) No Excuses!

System Created by Yogani, an advanced Yogi to tone every important Muscle Group in the Body in just 5-10 Minutes no Gym Necessary.

For those who want a more detailed description of the exercises in the video see Yogani Advanced Yoga Practices: Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living (pages 117-118) or become a supporting member of AYP Plus site to see a more professional video of the same Toning Exercises on the AYP Site. Ask us and we will let you know when the more Professional Version is Up!


Please Share this video with friends as this is easy and we All Need to Move More. Some people like me prefer to sit and meditate, but the body is meant to MOVE!!! So I will be doing this for the next three months daily and will let you know how it goes. As some may know I had surgery not so far ago and I will adapt to what I can do joyfully checking with my physical therapist if needed.

Naturally, always trust your own body and what you can do today — never surrender to any expert. Pace yourself and as always — joy is key.

And just now as I was debating betweening muscle toning and a short nap in the Singapore haze…I opted for the toning and it gave me enough energy to post this blog!

The teacher is within you :).