Creators Uplifting Japan

Could disaster and crisis be the touchstones from which a nation rises up and renews itself?  Could that nation’s revitalization inspire other nations to embark on their own journey of renewal? What would give birth to this courageous new spirit?

We believe that inner silence and individual acts of intuition will serve as the first sparks.


To create a better world we must use our imagination and innovate.  Rather than repeating the past, we need to draw on our strengths both individual and collective to create something that has never been done before.  Going beyond our best becomes a possibility when people draw on deep intuition,  meditate and work across disciplines together.

We have begun this ground work in Japan after the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear crisis by assisting individuals in a variety of disciplines including green energy, those who work with CEOs,  orphanages, diplomats, mental health and talented artists to re-think their disciplines and strategies to go beyond what we have done in our past.

While we continue to work with thinkers and actors in diverse fields,  our focus in Japan is to work with visionaries in traditional arts — those who by great works of art can convey in a split second through their work great inner silence and beauty. 

We do this one small step at a time. 

With many great masters of traditional arts in Japan and a long tradition of meditation (masters often train in some form from the age of 2) Japan was a good place to begin.

However, initially to find one artist who could go beyond anything we have seen to date with a new visionary art it took me three years of full time searching in Japan. 

Together Shimada and I began to meditate using a technique called samyama on passages of a text on a new visionary art of the future by a great philosopher and poet, Dr. Paul Briot.  Along with a well-known poet and translator and one other strong meditator who was present that day, in a moving session Saiso Shimada created her first great painting. 

We were all silent as the moment is one we will never forget. 

Those works were exhibited in Japan in private settings for other great artists to experience and a few selected individuals to see.

Since then Shimada and I have worked together for three years with one of my meditation teachers — an advanced yogi who prefers not to be known — meditating together up to 4x a week together over skype (Tokyo, Europe, Singapore).  She is preparing her next exhibition on a new universal shodo.  Shimada is also starting to teach the meditation technique to some of her disciples.

Today Saiso Shimada’s work is recognized and exhibited as a new visionary art in a poet, philosopher and professor of Comparative Religion’s work, “Le rayonnants…un art vers l’infini…”.   The latest 2018 edition contains not only images, text but also original meditative music created for each individual painting in the book.

Other artists came to see Shimada’s work including a Zen monk, sumie masters, a Noh master, Qigong masters.

This new art seeks to elevate us with great beauty prompting just a second of quiet or inner silence in the viewer — even those of us who do not meditate.

Today we have exhibited her work in Paris, in Brussels at the Japanese embassy and in Ginza Tokyo among other places.  More importantly, we hope to bring through her new works a renewed interest in deep meditation and a movement in art that can transform us by creating even a split second of beauty within the viewer.



To Order a Limited Edition of this Musical book on a New Visionary art in Color please order your copy directly from the French Editor Caracteres.   For a limited time it is offered at 10 Euros and shipped internationally.

The music is integrated into the book with the use of your mobile and QR codes behind each of the 6 original paintings.  Each music was created specifically for the passage and painting that inspired it.





Today we continue our work and meditation together — Japan, Singapore Europe — in preparation for a new exhibit of Shodo and the introduction of a strong meditation technique to be re-introduced into Japan along with traditional arts.  Our goal is to uplift, transform and elevate with inner silence through art.

If interested in supporting our work with an exhibition, donations or another idea please contact

Singapore: +65 964 27640.

As our focus is meditation and art, we need people in the private and public sector to help us get this new art experienced by the Japanese and others.