Creators Uplifting Japan

Could disaster and crisis be the touchstones from which a nation rises up and renews itself?  Could that nation’s revitalization inspire other nations to embark on their own journey of renewal? What would give birth to this courageous new spirit?

We believe that inner silence and individual acts of intuition will serve as the first sparks.


To create a better world we must use our imagination.  Rather than repeating the past, we need to draw on our strengths both individual and collective to create something that has never been done before.  Going beyond our best becomes a possibility when people draw on deep intuition,  meditate and work across disciplines together.

We have begun this work in Japan after the tsunami, earthquake and nuclear crisis by assisting individuals in a variety of disciplines including green energy, those who work with CEOs,  orphanages, mental health and talented artists.

While we can work with politicians, business leaders and scientists,  most of our work focuses on talented Japanese artists who by great works of art that convey inner silence and beauty.

The practice of meditation which has always accompanied all the traditional Japanese arts is not new to these artists.  They can lead a transformation of Japan through a period of great beauty and culture that may be unsurpassed.  By creating works of unsurpassed beauty and inner silence,  they can transform and transcend.

We believe what can begin in the arts with meditaiton can spread to other fields in Japan and elsewhere.  We ask you what does it mean for you to go beyond your best in your experience and field?  In Paul Briot’s Le rayonnant..un art vers l’infini by the Editions Characteres, Paul gives artists plenty ideas for this new visionary art.

Two Japanese artists who meditate, Saiso Shimada and Masaki Nakamura have begun to interpret it in the latest 2018 edition that includes 6 original paintings and 6 original shakuhatchi soundtracks created for each painting.






Creators Uplifting Japan is about Japanese Artists and their Works Creating a New Japan.  This includes current work and imagining future possibilities.

Artists in the Spotlight

What will the works of Japanese Artists Invite us to dream about?  Artists in the Spotlight focuses on artists who believe that Japan thanks to this crisis will rise again.  Not uniquely in an economic or political sense, but in a morale, aesthetic, existential or spiritual sense.  This section of the site analyzes the works of artists who inspire such as Kenzaburo Oe and Toyo Ito.

Artistic Propositions

We include here examples of artistic propositions to be interpreted freely by Japanese artists which could incite the imagination of the Japanese. We encourage artists to make new suggestions.  Current propositions include Faces of Suns, A Purple Cloud, Waves of Love and The Tall Tower.  We are interested in artists interpreting propositions and creating their own.  We also need help to explore venues for artists to show inspiring works at events commemorating March 11th, Museums or other public and national arenas, including the Olympics.