Advanced Yoga Practices

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ADVANCED YOGA PRACTICES (AYP) is a full scope system of yoga that combines asana (posture) practice with pranayama, meditation, and samyama covering all of the eight limbs of yoga.  The system includes practices that can be taken on by people who are new to yoga and takes people all the way through, to gradually build up an advanced level yoga practice including samyama– the practice of moving inner silence outward into daily action.  AYP is a particularly strong and effective approach where advanced stages can be reached by practicing for short durations twice daily.  It is suited for busy individuals and yogis of all levels, including beginners and yoga teachers.

Advanced Yoga Practices is a full system of yoga integrating all 8 limbs of yoga.  Backed by Yoga Alliance.

For more Information on Advanced Yoga Practices visit which includes books, audio, video and lessons as well as questions and answers to thousands of practioners.

Teacher training in Advanced Yoga Practices is also available and backed by the Yoga Alliance as a school of yoga.  Tristan Dorling does the 200 hour teacher training and I can recemend this training highly.  Up to four sessions of pranyama, meditation and samyama are done each day in addition to asanas.  The training was simply superb and beyond anything I thought imaginable.

This section of the Beyond Our Best site will provide links and information for those who wish to pursue Advanced Yoga Practices as well as information for practices in Singapore and supporting other AYP teachers world wide.



Join our Yoga & Meditation Classes or Workshops in Singapore and put your mind on “silent mode” with Nathalie Ishizuka, a certified teacher of Advanced Yoga Practices AYP (200 hour meditation, asana, pranyama, samyama training) backed by the Yoga Alliance).  Nathalie, a Franco-Japanese yogi from New York (Director of the movement Beyond Our Best) has been practicing advanced yoga techniques including samyama for the last seven years daily.

Integrating asana (posture) practice with pranayama and meditation, Advanced Yoga Practices (AYP) covers all of the eight limbs of yoga.  Advanced Yoga Practices by Yogani ( focuses on deep meditation right from the start so that moments of silence and inner joy can permeate your life.  The full integrated yoga system includes practices that can be taken on by people who are new to yoga and takes people all the way through, to gradually build up an advanced level yoga practice including samyama — stillness in action.

While Nathalie learned directly samyama seven years ago from her raja yoga teacher, Yogani’s method can bring you step by step all the way to enlightment (the experience of inner silence and bliss regardless of ouside circumstances making you far more adept to act in the world as needed).  This tested method may save you years and years of practice so you can enjoy inner silence and joy as soon as you are ready.



Advanced Yoga Practices is for you if:

  1.   You have found meditation difficult in the past.
  2.   You want to put your mind on “silent mode” and overcome stress, fatigue, worry and over-doing.
  3.   You are looking for more than just an asana or exercise class.
  4.   You have a family, work and responsibilites requiring the most effective yoga out there that respects your limited time.
  5.   You are a beginner, intermediate or advanced yogi — including yoga teachers.
  6.   You want a complete system of yoga that accompanies you to gradually build up an advanced level yoga practice including pranyama (breath control and expansion) and samyama — stillness in action –all the way to enlightment (the experience of inner silence and bliss regardless of outside circumstances).
  7.   You wish to experience the adventure of a lifetime and then some (be ready for daily self practice to get there!)

Advanced Yoga Practices is Not for you if:

  1. You want a heavy physical exercise or workout class.
  2. Your idea of yoga is entirely physical and that is all you wish to experience right now.
  3. You already practice an integrated yoga system that includes asana, pranyama, meditation, and samyama and are fully satisfied with your current progress and practice not wanting to add another system for overload.
  4. You do not want to invest 20 minutes a day to do something that might change your life far beyond your previous best experience and then some.

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Most people are intimidated, even yoga teachers who may teach you asanas in a studio, to delve into meditation.  That is one reason I have developed the approach of introducing meditation with one field of competence that people eagerly want to learn.  You can’t be convinced of learning something like meditation for which you have no previous experience of its benefits.  It is only natural and healthy that you are fully skeptical.

You may however want to improve your competence in one field far beyond a previous best.  This is possible with a consisent practice of meditation and its application to your field of competence over time.


Once you are convinced by experience that it is the core practice of meditation that provides you with not only equanimity but boundless joy and competence, anything else that you do that day is just icing on the cake.  You will wake up eager to meditate and with a regular consisetent practice of short periods using effective meditative techniques you can make important progress.

We start you at 10 minutes a day and build you up to 20 minutes.  This is less than the time it may take you to shower, eat breakfast, read the paper, watch TV, play with your phone, browse the net, or answer two emails you could have done without.  If you could save minutes on any of these tasks, you could easily find 20 minutes a day to start and change your life and your loved ones.


Another reason for the approach of meditation + competence is that many people may not understand the benefit of meditation.  Some are already happy, others feel there is no urgent need for change.  Life is not perfect, but it works.  Meditation is often seen for something to do in the future, perhaps a vacation, retreat or retirement.  Others may think meditation is just to relax or calm their thoughts or for health, but may have no idea that meditation can create a whole new state of mind, coping and states of creativity, innovation and bliss that helps us create the world we wish to see.

Meditation is like upgrading the operating system of your computer.  If done correctly, it changes your whole nervous system.  This new nervous system allows you to experience greater inner silence and joy.  You will know what it means to be fully human.


Lastly, practicing meditation alone and not applying that inner state to the outside world is a wasted opportunity.  We need to build our meditation into our lives and integrate it with our talents and competence so it can serve our loved ones, our families, our community and all human beings.  The world demands nothing less.  By focusing on one core competence at a time and mastering it, you will progress deeper and faster.  It is hard to apply a state of meditation to all things with the same intensity, unless you are a rare individual…



Nathalie is a certified instructor of Advanced Yoga Practices by Yogani (backed by Yoga Alliance) and is the Singapore contact for this school of yoga.  Visit the section classes and workshops or contact her directly for more information.

Nathalie has studied raja yoga in intense training with a teacher for the last seven years never missing a day of meditation.  She also practices hatha with Vikram, pranayama in an Indian temple with Nikam Yoga, and is an “Isha meditator” (Sadhguru). She has notions of Zen, Qigong and Tibetain Buddhism.

Having met profound individuals from different paths, Nathalie recognizes that there are many paths to the human spirit.  Her strength is joy and her ability to help individuals do what they love most in a way that can benefit themselves and others.

The modules below can be the focus of Life Coaching + Meditation.  The exception is Meditation with a National Sports Team which requires the commitment of the whole team for a year period in Singapore and would be taught with Vikram, a yogi from Singapore devoted to sports.

National Sports Teams in Singapore please contact us if of interest.



Meditation + National Sports Team  (This module could be Joint Taught in Singapore with Vikram a Hatha yogi who has taught Singaporean National Soccer Team).  Must be a full team on a year long contract.

Meditation + Art  (This is taught with the reknown Saiso Shimada Shodo Artist in Tokyo).  Examine what meditation did for her art  Adidas had her do a workshop for their top design team.

Meditation + Business (Nathalie Ishizuka, MBA HEC Paris, took clases at Harvard Business School & Harvard Law Winter Negotiation, started her own company on net and telecom, taught a program of 50 Japanese in Washington DC.)

Meditation + Medicine (Nathalie is from a family of doctors and this module is for doctors who want to integrate medecine with other fields be it art, yoga, lifestyle, life balance or ayurveda.)

Meditation + Diplomacy (This is taught by Nathalie Ishizuka, Masters of Law & Diplomacy, Fletcher School, administered with Harvard, Harvard Law Winter Program on Negotiation)

Meditation + Health (This is taught by Nathalie Ishizuka, over 25 years of experience with model of optimal health and well-being, experimented Gerson therapy)

Meditation  + Food (This is taught by Nathalie Ishizuka, from a family of great French chefs (Ducasse), taught French cooking at age 12, interest Ayurveda, gourmet Vegetarian.)

Meditation + Life Balance (This model is taught by Nathalie Ishizuka, spent over 25 years working with Dr. Yukio Ishizuka Harvard-Keio Trained Psychiatrist.

Meditation + Relationship  (This is taught by Nathalie Ishizuka, spent over 25 years on model focused on intimacy with Dr. Yukio Ishizuka Harvard psychiatrist.)

Meditation + Crisis (This makes us open to the moment accepting the crisis and seeing what we can learn from it; making it a powerful lever for internal change.)

Meditation + Youth (This focuses on meditation and something a youth wishes to accomplish.  Due to strong meditations must be 16 or over.)  For milder yoga applied to younger children sun salutations, shavasana and mindfulness.

Meditation + House work or Administrative Chores (This is taught by Nathalie Ishizuka who always ran away from house chores as a child and looks at it differently!)


MEDITATION + CORE COMPETENCE, 1 PRIVATE SESSION, Sometimes, we need to go beyond our best.  For those who may not have a meditation practice and want to see a breakthrough in a core competence (business, relationship, health or other) , I suggest a meditation + core competence session.  Depending on what you share (part of your success depends on sharing things that matter most to you) you will open up new possibilities.

Meditation alone can help you go far Beyond a Previous Best but this takes time and daily practice and commitment to the practice of meditation.  The individual coaching is meant to help the student keep up the meditation as they learn about a core interest to them and go beyond their best.